YouTube offers tremendous opportunity for your dental and medical practice. It provides more brand awareness, engagement, traffic to your website, and adds value to your current and potential patients.

YouTube has become the place for video marketing. It has over 1 billion users each month, said to have an average of 100 hours of videos uploaded every minute, and 6 billion hours of videos watched every month. It can help improve your Google search ranking. Why? Because it works and it is owned by Google and linked with Google+. Dental office video options Studies have shown that audiences of potential dental patients enjoy short videos that explain dental treatments, discuss oral health, showcase before and after photos, and provide office tours. You can choose the more conservative and serious dental office videos or stand out from the rest of the competition with creative animated whiteboard videos. Videos can be customized for your practice with an original script and original look. It’s entertaining, educational and great way to promote your practice. Did we mention it will help increase your conversion rate? Below is a sample of animated video by Top Web Dental.

What types of videos can your dental practice have?

Videos can range from humorous to highly educational. Here’s a list of videos that can provide value to your audience and engage them differently through the comment section. Let your audience have their say, whether they like or dislike your videos, and reply to them appropriately. By linking your YouTube channel to your Google+, you increase your online exposure. Here are few video ideas:

  • Educational– how treatments work
  • Testimonials– patients giving reviews on camera
  • Health Tips– oral health, post-op care instructions
  • Informative– explaining facts and figures, debunking myths
  • Behind the scenes– tour of the office, meet the team, step-by-step treatment

Technical options

Sharing videos is such a simple way of boosting your digital presence and engaging your current and potential patients. And it helps with your SEO tremendously!

YouTube includes tools that can enable you to edit options, such as captions, annotations, add text and links to your videos. includes some editing options such as captions and annotations. Simply put, your patients can link to your website from within your video. In turn, this will increase traffic to your website and improve your search rankings.

Furthermore, YouTube offers an analytics tool that provides information such as video views, subscribers, minutes viewed, likes, etc. Get to know this tool so you can track the success of your videos.

Get on video marketing and take advantage of this video networking. Promoting your dental and medical practices through YouTube videos has become extremely popular and successful. If you’re lucky and the video goes viral, it can produce an unbelievable reach and bring your dental or medical practice the success it deserves.

For more information on video marketing, contact Solution21 today.

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