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Our local healthcare SEO Services can completely revolutionize your business. As a leading health care digital marketing agency, we specialize in healthcare SEO services designed to enhance your online presence and attract local customers. By focusing on gaining local customers and excluding irrelevant rankings, local SEO puts your company’s online presence in front of the members of your community.

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Healthcare local SEO services

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What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the internet presence of your business to attract as many local customers as possible. Proper healthcare SEO services have quite a few different components, but these various approaches can be roughly separated into two distinct categories:


On-Page Local Healthcare SEO

On-page local SEO services focus on building out your company’s website to make it appear as prominently on relevant search engine result pages (SERPs) as possible. When a Google user in your area searches for a keyword related to your business, local SEO should ideally make your site appear close to the top of the list of webpages delivered in the Google SERP that is generated.


Off-Page Local Healthcare SEO

While on-page SEO plays a critical role in SEO for nationwide or international businesses, healthcare local SEO focuses more heavily on off-page SEO. In contrast to on-page SEO, which makes your company’s website more search-engine friendly, off-page SEO makes your business more prominent in local search results by strategically placing content on external websites.

Your business can't compete without local SEO

Regardless of the size of your marketing budget, it’s absolutely essential to invest in healthcare SEO services. Even if you can’t afford to invest too heavily in local SEO right now, anything that you can set aside will directly translate into quantitative improvements to your monthly revenue and qualitative benefits to your company’s standing within your community. Healthcare SEO is the best ROI service that a local business can invest in, and in addition to improving your growth potential, local SEO will also prevent your competitors from overtaking you.

Local SEO
Local SEO services

What our local Healthcare SEO services look like

To help your company place as highly in local search results as possible, we provide a wide variety of services that all contribute critical components to your overall healthcare SEO success:

Business information audit

Before we take any other action, we make sure that your business information is accurate wherever it might appear on the web. Search engines like Google know that customers will use this basic information to find your business, so your company’s local SEO presence will be penalized if you’ve accidentally provided incorrect information regarding your location, contact information, or business hours.

Business information audit
Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis

As we determine the best ways to improve your local SEO rankings, we will assess the techniques that other Local SEO services have used to boost the local rankings of your most prominent competitors. There’s a lot we can learn from the successes of your competitors that we can then apply to your business, and we can also identify mistakes your competitors have made that we should avoid making with your company.

Google My Business optimization

Before they navigate to your website, most Google users will look at your Google My Business information. This information is provided in a widget that appears on the right side of a Google SERP when a user searches for a keyword related to your business, and it features useful information like your address and phone number along with user-uploaded photos and customer reviews. If your business doesn’t have a GMB profile, it needs one, and optimizing your GMB profile can dramatically improve your local SEO and get you more customers.

Analytics tracking and reporting
Google map pack optimization

Google map pack optimization

While Google My Business has been important for a long time, the Google map pack is a more recent addition to Google SERPs that has become even more vital to your local SEO. In fact, some local SEO services would contend that the Google map pack is the most important facet of local SEO nowadays. While we mostly agree, we also realize that other aspects of local SEO remain equally vital.

The Google map pack appears directly under the search bar on a Google SERP. It features a list of three local businesses that are related to the searched keyword. If a Google user searches for “walk-in clinic in New York,” for instance, the three best results will appear in a box under the search bar along with a local map. Each result in the Google map pack is equipped with basic information including its NAP data and its current Google Maps review rating.

Local business directory listings

While Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most important business directories to rank highly in for local SEO, it’s also important for your company to have listings in second-tier directories like Yelp, Angie’s List, and FourSquare. In the case of Yelp, listing your business will specifically target Apple mobile device users, and listing your business in other second-tier directories will improve your SEO in Google.

local business directory listings
business citations and link building

Business citations and link-building

If you’ve read anything about SEO, you’ve probably heard of backlinking. While getting reputable websites to post links to your business isn’t as important for SEO as it once was, link-building remains an essential component of any effective local SEO strategy.

It’s also important to generate citations of your business, which may or may not feature links to your website. What citations do include, however, is your basic NAP information, and your local chamber of commerce website is a prime example of a place where you want a business citation.

Online review generation

Regardless of how stunning or compelling your website’s design and content might be, most Google users won’t even get that far. As they decide whether they should trust you or one of your competitors, the first thing they’ll look at is the number of Google Maps reviews you’ve accumulated and your aggregate rating. It’s our job to get you as many positive customer reviews as possible while managing reviews that might reflect negatively on your products or services.

online review generation
Analytics tracking and reporting

Analytics tracking and reporting

We’re convinced that our local SEO tactics work. For the sake of full transparency, however, we’ll provide you with regular updates on our progress in the form of analytics reports. As we keep track of your ranking increases, we’ll share the results of our efforts using the best SEO analytics engines in the industry.

Benefits of local Healthcare SEO

Does your business need healthcare local SEO? Even if you still prefer to do business the analog way, the rest of the world has moved on. Potential customers won’t be able to find you without our healthcare SEO services, and existing customers will gradually shift to SEO-savvy competitors. The benefits of investing in healthcare local SEO can largely be separated into two distinct categories:

Results you can achieve

  • Increased traffic
  • A more prominent position within your community
  • Building a solid foundation for future growth
  • Quantitative benefits including increased traffic and revenue
  • Qualitative benefits such as building a trustworthy and easily accessible online presence

Cost of inaction

  • Getting left behind by competitors
  • Confusing customers who are trying to find your business
  • Losing existing customers who prefer the convenience of other businesses
  • Progressively becoming more and more behind the times

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Since opening our doors in 2004, we continue to learn and refine our processes as industry and technology evolve. We provide training and continuing education to our teams of creative and talented designers, developers, content marketing specialists, and healthcare SEO consultants to keep us abreast with the best practices and latest industry trends.

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