Web Design Spotlight: Gerald Alexander Spine Specialist


Web Design Spotlight: Gerald Alexander Spine Specialist

Gerald Alexander, MD, chose a responsive website from Solution21 for his Orange County, CA, Spine Specialty practice. Our top notch web designers at Solution21 were able to deliver a professional and unique, responsive website design, that clearly highlights the doctor and his services.

Voted “Top Doctor” in Orange County by OCMA and Orange Coast Magazine

Gerald Alexander - Spine Specialist - Responsive web design layout

Why Responsive Design is the most important feature on Dr. Alexander’s new website

1. The Multi-Device Patient
We live in a time where our doctor’s sites are not only being visited by a variety of different devices and screen sizes, but the same patients are returning to their sites later using these different devices. In order to best support their experience, our doctor’s sites must provide a consistent experience regardless of which device they may be using at a given time.

2. Google Recommended
Google has long recommended using responsive web design to support different devices and screen sizes, but the search engine took this recommendation a step further in 2015 when they began adding a “Mobile Friendly” label to websites that used this approach when those sites appeared in a search results page on a mobile device.

3. Future-Proof
One of the best things about a responsive website is that this approach gives our doctor’s the best chance to support newer devices and screens in the future. Responsive sites are fluid, scaling up or down as needed to best fit the screens being used to access the site. This means that as new devices hit the market with screen sizes unlike what we have seen before, our responsive websites will already be prepared to meet those new devices with a design and experience best suited to whatever screen sizes they throw at us.

About Dr. Gerald Alexander, Orthopaedic Spine Specialist

Dr. Gerald Alexander has been practicing Spine Surgery in Orange County since 1999. He completed his training at the world-renowned UCLA Medical Center fellowship under Edward Dawson, MD and Rick Delamarter, MD, two of the country’s foremost orthopaedic spine surgeons. This continues to be the highest rated program in the Western United States. He has helped pioneer cutting-edge techniques including Artificial Disc Replacement, Outpatient Microsurgery, and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery alternatives to traditional spine surgery. Read more about About Dr. Gerald Alexander, Orthopaedic Spine Specialist »

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