We Answer Common Questions About Secure Forms

How does it benefit my patients?
This will allow your patients to fill out your forms in advance, thereby patient wait time and eliminate some administrative steps. Be pro-active and send your patient forms before their appointment day.

Will any SSL encrypted form comply with HIPAA?
No. SSL encryption alone is not enough to comply with HIPAA rules. Anyone who collects electronic patient health information (ePHI) must follow HIPAA guidelines. In addition to encryption, you must have an audit trail in place of who has accessed the information, a business associate agreement on file with your vendor, and the vendor must comply with HIPAA regulations internally on their server. Please contact us for a list of HIPAA rules and the specific mechanism Solution21 has in place to help your business easily comply.

How does the form set-up process work?
Solution21 looks at your current forms and converts them to electronic format for you. Or you can use Solution21 prepared forms. There is a non-refundable set-up fee for this service. Our support team will walk you through the entire process to ensure a smooth and easy set-up.

How are the online medical forms secured?
The forms are not transmitted by e-mail, but you will receive an e-mail notification when a new form has been submitted. Patient forms are encrypted and stored on a separate secure server to keep your patient information safe and HIPAA compliant. All user activity is logged. In addition to be encrypted by 128-bit encryption while in transit, the data in forms are also encrypted on the server, where the highest security methods available are used.

Will online patient forms work with my medical records system?
For most systems, yes. All medical records systems are different, but most will allow you to store the online submission as a PDF file associated with a patient’s record.

Will it improve staff efficiency?
Yes, absolutely! Secure medical forms will provide a new tool for your clients that will ease the daily input efforts of your staff spent following up and filling paper works, improving your office efficiency and saving your practice time and money.

Do the online medical forms work with a paper-based medical record system?
Yes. You can easily print the records and file them in the patient’s chart.

What are the computer requirements to run the medical record system?
The system is web-based and will run on any computer platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, or other system platforms, with no software installations in the office necessary.

Is it necessary to follow all of the HIPAA Policies?
Yes. The penalties for knowingly violating HIPAA policies are severe. Learn more.

Solution21 Form Solutions web application is developed by Solution21 internally and is not a resold solution. Solution21 does not outsource development and all its operations are fully based in the U.S. Call us at 949-336-7575 to find out more about secure forms.

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