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Time Stamp

How do I change the Time Stamp on my emails?

In Webmail, under Options, select Personal Information and then change “Your current timezone” to your timezone.

To change the Time Stamp on your emails you will first need to log into your email account. Click Customer Login and enter your full email address and password under the Email Login Form section.

Once inside your email account you will want to navigate to the Options tab located on the top ribbon.

Need help on how access your email account visit our “How do I check emails online?” page.

Email Time Stamps

On the next screen you will find a list of setting that Solution21 has provided to customizing your email account.

The settings tab we will be looking for is Personal Information.

Email Time Stamps

Under the Personal Information page locate the TimeZone Options section. From here you will be able to set the time stamp/timezone your emails will display.

Email Time Stamps