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✔ Attract new patients with instant search presence
✔ Boost your listings into lead generating top positions
✔ Get found easily by people looking for medical services
✔ Enhance authority & relevance of your medical website
✔ Long-term strategy for long-term results
✔ Improve user experience for your patients and visitors

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Medical SEO Strategies Help Get Your Medical Practice to the Top of Search Results and Generate More Leads

Medical SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your medical practice is the the long-term strategy we use to get your medical website listed and ranked organically by top search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. As a local physician or healthcare provider, it’s important for you to have a strong local search engine presence to win new patients and build your practice. It’s more likely that you have a lot of local competitors and this is where our Medical SEO can provide your practice the marketing boost it needs to breakaway from the competition and succeed. Solution21 has put together key metrics to measure if Medical SEO is working for your practice

Advanced SEO for Medical Specialists

Our team of SEO experts and content developers strive to enhance the relevance and authority of your online presence with SEO tactics that are guaranteed to influence your website ranking to the top spots and get your lion share of clicks,  whether your practice is located in small community or in competitive metro areas. Read about our SEO full list of strategies

We provide SEO for the following Medical Practices:

Solution21 Medical SEO Services Include:

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

We use specialized tools for market research and to know and understand what your competitors are doing so we can determine the level of SEO and online marketing strategies are going to be the most effective to your website and services.

Keyword Research

We optimize your website front-end and back-end. We will research for keywords that will set you apart from the competition and generate revenues for you practice.

Onsite Optimization

We optimize every page of your site using highly targeted content, metadata and site map to increase your website’s visibility in search engine results.

Custom Content

We create custom and optimized content for your website and blog based around the services that you provide. We collect a list of services from your practice so we know what kind of relevant articles will both inform, educate and engage your readers.

Directory Submissions

Get found easily by prospective patients looking for your services as we submit your website to important directories to drive organic traffic to your doorstep.

Reputation Monitoring

We track, share, review and repair patient reviews from various sites that your patients may access to provide feedback regarding your practice and services.

High Quality Score

Our Medical SEO strategies will ensure that your branding, content and messaging are consistent, which helps improve your Quality Score and lower the cost of your PPC advertising.

Analyze and Modify

Our Medical SEO tactics include regular analysis and modification of your website. Solution21’s search marketing specialists regularly study your search engine rankings, traffic reports and conversions and adjust backend and frontend elements on your site to keep your site on top of search engine results.

Evolution of SEO

Google’s Penguin update in 2013 made drastic changes to the search algorithm, favoring websites that don’t only strategize their keywords, but also focus on engaging the users to establish brand and reputation. The new SEO now involves sustainable strategies such as enhancing the user experience of your site with an engaging and easy-to-navigate web design, optimizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, building a strong social media following, and writing informative blog or website content that engages users. At Solution21, we incorporate these crucial new Medical SEO elements into a comprehensive marketing plan to attract patients and generate new leads for your medical practice.


✔ Site content that establishes personal branding
✔ User-friendly web design
✔ Engaging, informative blog articles
✔ Strong social media presence
✔ Attract audience through targeted ads


Keyword stuffing
Irrelevant link building
More focus on back-end than front-end
Less on personalization and branding
Relied purely on organic results

A beautiful website means nothing until it is found

Our skilled marketing and SEO team has helped hundreds of dentists improve their online visibility. SEO and marketing tactics change all the time – we are always on the cutting edge to bring you more visibility, and more patients.

Solution21’s approach is what sets us apart, and our commitment to constantly test our strategy to maximize the results for our clients provides tremendous value to those we work with. Please contact us at 949-336-7575 or sign up on the form below for a FREE Medical SEO consultation.

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