Remarketing Ads for Dental, Medical & Plastic Surgery Practices

Re-activates your current and prospective patients and drives them back to your website for conversion

Remarketing Ads for Medical and Dental Practice re-activates your current and prospective patients and drives them back to your website for conversion

Remarketing Ads for Dental, Medical & Plastic Surgery Practice keeps you on top of your website visitors’ minds while they surf the net. At Solution21, we always put an emphasis on patient retention and patient reactivation because the cost to develop a new patient is the largest expense in healthcare practices. There really hasn’t been an option to essentially “re-activate” prospective patients who were interested in your services and visited your dental, medical or plastic surgery website, but never actually became a patient, until Remarketing was introduced. Remarketing gives your practice the ability to re-activate prospective patients and truly maximize your return on investment (ROI) from this pay-per-click advertisement campaign.

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What is Remarketing?

Showing an ad multiple times has a great impact on conversion rate. Using traditional marketing methods, such repetition could cost thousands of dollars in a short period of time. Remarketing technology makes this an affordable option by only targeting patients who have already showed interest by visiting your website. Google Remarketing helps secure new customers even after they leave your website.

How does Remarketing work?

A piece of code placed on your website drops a cookie onto every visitor’s browser. Then, when the visitor leaves your site and opens another site that sells ad space to Google, one of your Remarketing ads will appear in an available ad space.

Patient First Visits Your Medical Website

Solution21 SEM- Remarketing CyclePatients may not make a decision on their first visit. They will likely evaluate many other healthcare providers in the area before reaching a decision. It’s the best time to make the right impression & stay ahead of the competition.

Patient Sees Your Ad on Other Websites

The first visit to your website is memorized, and your ad is then displayed while they are viewing other websites. We will evaluate your business model to determine the best ad strategy for your practice, including the right call-to-actions (CTA).

Drive Visitors Back to Your Website for Conversion

Your Remarketing follows your potential patients around the Internet, reminding them of your services and, eventually, clicking on your ad to drive them back to your website for conversion.

What you need to do to take advantage of Remarketing

So what do you need to do right now to take advantage of this cutting-edge healthcare pay-per-click marketing strategy for your practice?

  • Install Google Analytics on your website
  • Link your AdWords to your Google Analytics
  • Determine and set your pay-per-click advertisement budget
  • Decide how you want your Remarketing to work for you
  • Make sure you have an optimized landing page to go with your campaign
  • Test the effectiveness of your Remarketing campaigns
  • Adjust and enhance your campaigns to make them more profitable
  • Catch missed conversions and grow your patient base

A beautiful website means nothing until it is found.

Our skilled marketing and SEO team has helped hundreds of dentists improve their online visibility. SEO and marketing tactics change all the time – we are always on the cutting edge to bring you more visibility, and more patients.

If you need help setting up this unique and highly effective and profitable healthcare marketing strategy, please contact us at 949-336-7575 or sign up on the form below for a FREE healthcare marketing consultation.

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