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Solution21’s Review Monitoring System for healthcare practices is a powerful, fast and easy way to take control of your online reputation.

The review monitoring system is a powerful program that targets reviews from leading review sites the same way consumers search reviews to make decisions about services. Whether you are a doctor, a dentist or a plastic surgeon, today’s patients research first what other patients say about your practice and services on the Internet. Any 5-star review has a potential strength of leading a new patient to your practice. You, as a healthcare professional, can impress your patients to express their views regarding your practice and services. With Solution21’s review motioning system you can take control of your online reviews.

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Harness The Power of Internet Reviews

Online Research is an absolute endeavor of majority of today’s patients. Patients use online reviews to find the best physicians, dentists, surgeons and services. The quality of the reviews considerably impacts your practices and businesses. The review monitoring system helps you to collect and showcase the certified clients review.

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Effective Review Monitoring Features

Review websites have a growing effect on healthcare practice or business reputations and ability to attract new patients or clients. Majority of patients and consumers use online reviews to evaluate physicians, businesses, products and services. Take control of your online reputation with Solution21 review monitoring system. A highly-customizable program that targets reviews from major review sites.

Reputation Monitoring

Allows you to easily keep track of the reviews patients leave for your practice on different websites


All of the different review websites are displayed in a convenient dashboard customized for your business.

Why Use Review Monitoring System?

Online Recommendation, Great Influence

Reviews Make a Difference

Reviews Are Reliable

Replying to Patient Reviews Helps

Your reputation starts with their first impression. Let us help.

You have one shot at making a good impression. With a well-designed site, even a small practice can project the image and professionalism of a much larger practice. The inverse is also true. If a large dental pactice website is badly designed and hard to navigate, they will completely lack percieved professionalism and credibility. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man practice or a 10,000-employee corporate giant; if you don’t have a website, you’re losing business to other doctors that do.