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Best Medical Website Designs Dr. Bahoshy – Brantford Eye Care

Dr. Bahoshy – Brantford Eye Care

Dr. Bahoshy of Brantford Eye Care provides Brantford, ON area patients with quality optometry in and around the community. The Brantford, ON area in Canada is best recognized as the “Telephone City” as former resident Alexander Graham Bell actually invented the first telephone at the Bell Homestead, his father’s house, and in 1876 conducted the very first telephone call long-distance to Paris, Ontario. At Brantford Eye Care, the professional staff provides a number of services including comprehensive eye examinations for all ages and treatment of conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and corneal pachymetry. They also provide digital retinal imaging, lasik surgery, and a variety of customized, personalized solutions for eyesight including contact lenses, eyeglasses, and prescription sunglasses. Solution21 worked with Brantford Eye Care to design a website that was informative, easy to navigate, and provided browsing capabilities on all platforms including mobile devices. A responsive design medical site was developed and currently in use today to increase patient leads and grow the business as desired.

Client: Dr. Bahoshy
Practice: Brantford Eye Care
Account: VIP

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