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Many plastic surgeons (and other medical professionals) lack a full understanding about how SEO works – or should work. Some have been “burned” by paying for SEO consulting that didn’t produce results, and others haven’t recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to online marketing. These four misconceptions are very common:

#1 – A One-Time SEO Effort is all that’s Needed.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as other search engines, are constantly being updated. Google has been a master at improving search results for users by updating algorithms and is the most popular search engine used today. For an SEO strategy to be effective, new actions must be taken to meet the new set of criteria on a specific search engine. SEO is a long-term strategy that must be consistently monitored and measured. A one-time effort is not sufficient to produce results that last.

#2 – No Plastic Surgery SEO Techniques Really Work.

Sadly, those in the SEO industry have not always held up their end of an agreement. In most cases, it is because they do not have the full scope of understanding of ACTUAL SEO management, but only a vague concept of a few actions. They typically use a cookie-cutter methodology – it doesn’t work. SEO, when done right, produces measurable results. If you have, in the past, used an SEO team that failed to get you the results promised or what you envisioned, they merely failed to have the depth of knowledge about the process to produce results for you. Just like plastic surgeons, there are varying levels of skill – and even artistry. We are proud of our team of SEO experts and the consistent results they produce.

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#3 – It Will Cost a Huge Amount of Money to Get Quality Plastic Surgery SEO

Investing in marketing can be costly, but is a necessary part of doing business. SEO (when done correctly) is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate traffic to your website, and as the leads are handled correctly when they connect by phone or in person, increase the numbers of new patients you service in your practice. It is, however, important to know what you are going to get for your investment in an SEO strategy. At Solution21, our SEO programs are customized, and involve a vast array of knowledge, expertise and ability. The actions we undertake for our plastic surgeon clients include:

  • In-depth research of the most effective keywords and phrases
  • A thorough analysis of keywords for relevance for your target audience
  • On-page website optimization, including coding, tags, and other technological efforts
  • Development of positive, effective link-building strategies that enhance your site, reputation, and traffic
  • A full review of existing data, the competition, and online marketing analysis in planning the SEO strategy that will produce results

Each of these tasks are critical points in the success of an SEO strategy – and there are many more.

#4 – Plastic Surgery SEO is Unnecessary for Established Practices

In fact, younger plastic surgeons, as they enter the professional field and open a practice, typically understand the importance of online marketing and SEO – they grew up in a digital age. More established practices may currently have a great number of patients, and believe this activity is unnecessary. Even established practices can start to dwindle in number of patients when competing against newer practices that employ a comprehensive SEO strategy. It is a numbers game; your website must appear on the first page in online searches, and even the most well-known expert in the field can watch profits drop if they fail to manage online reviews or have an SEO expert working to keep their practice visible online.

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Our highly-skilled team of SEO experts at Solution21 has deep experience in the medical field, and has helped hundreds of medical professionals to increase website traffic, increase brand awareness, promote specific procedures, and attract more patients. We educate our clients in how to use our user-friendly content management system, as well as read the analytics about website traffic so they can see for themselves that the program is producing real world results.

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