How A Medical Website Design

Why the Design of Your Medical Website Matters

Most medical professionals understand that a website is the 21st century equivalent of a storefront. A website is the first interaction a potential patient will have with a medical provider or practice. This first contact creates the critical first impression – one that invites them in, or when done wrong, will turn them away in just seconds. A clean, up-to-date medical website design that has been custom-crafted to meet current user expectations is a crucial way to establish your office as professional, trusted, and competent. The other side of the story is that even the best website design won’t help your medical practice if the site is failing to attract any visitors.

Web Design for Doctors

Understanding and Utilizing SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of understanding the algorithms (programming code for problem solving) that Google uses to measure and rank website pages. This knowledge can be used to favorably influence ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). In the early days of online search, results were prioritized by having high concentrations of keywords (for example, your geographic area and the type of medical services). Unfortunately, this meant that countless websites were launched that offered low quality or copied content, typically saturated with keywords, sometimes to the point of being unintelligible.
Today’s algorithms are far more sophisticated and don’t respond to SEO gimmicks and tricks. Keywords are still an important factor when used sparingly and correctly. Overuse will negatively impact your website’s ranking. Now more than ever, high-quality original content is a key to improving ranking for a medical website, generating traffic, and producing new patients who contact your practice.

How to Effectively Use Original Content

To effectively generate traffic to your medical website on an ongoing basis, it should be updated every few weeks, or at minimum, once a month. In addition to pages that describe the services you offer, your credentials and background, and contact information, consider adding one of these types of pages every few weeks: Read more

types of pages every few weeks:
Seasonal Healthcare Tips: Ideally, you should be helping your patients by answering healthcare questions. Blog posts on common healthcare topics (handwashing, allergies, when you should see a doctor, etc.) establish you as a trustworthy source for medical information. Seasonal topics also generate more site traffic, for example a blog on the importance of getting a flu shot posted at the beginning of flu season.

New Technology: Demonstrate that you’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of medical technology by posting information on the latest advances in medical science, especially if a new technology has been making the news. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, and join the online conversation on various platforms.
Community Involvement and Recognition: Did your office recently receive an award for outstanding service, or was one of your doctors published in a well-regarded medical periodical? Did members of your office participate in a walk-a-thon for a local charity? Posts about the ways your office is involved in the community or is being recognized for excellence paint a picture of the service prospective patients can expect from you.

Changes Around the Office: If a beloved staff member is leaving, wish them well and thank them for their service on your website. Hiring a new face? Consider putting together a quick post introducing them to the community. Remodels and improvements to the office can be documented with pictures and updates.

Medical Website Designs to Increase Traffic

As you regularly update your medical website with high-quality, original content, traffic to your website naturally increases, as you are producing content on the topics in which people have interest, and search for. Ranking increases as traffic increases, which in turn generates even more traffic. At Solution21, we know that an SEO strategy that includes high-quality content plays a vital role in the overall success of a medical website. We incorporate this strategy from the earliest stages of our web design process.

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