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Position your healthcare practice on top of search results for targeted keywords

Medical AdWords generates new leads and helps grow your medical practice

Medical AdWords, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), provides medical practices the ability to grow their online visibility quickly and effectively with measurable results. AdWords are so effective and provide high ROI because you get you decide how, when, and where your ads show and you only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

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Keys to Successful Medical AdWords Campaigns

A properly managed Medical AdWords help physicians attract potential patients to their site. Successful AdWords campaigns must be closely monitored to ensure proper bidding for targeted keywords, including high converting ad copy. The goal of every successful AdWords campaign is to create the greatest impact for the lowest financial investment. Building a successful Google AdWords campaign can help you generate new referrals and grow your practice.

Solution21 provides AdWords consulting as an additional service that is usually linked to one of our comprehensive SEO services. A properly planned AdWords campaign can save you a lot on your marketing budget and information from your SEO efforts must be used in order to properly select your AdWords keywords.

Set-Up Your Account

We take care of setting up your AdWords account. This involves setting up campaign names, ad groups, daily budgets, and specifying targeted keywords and geographical location.

Create High-Impact Ad Campaign

Solution21 will work with you in creating optimized AdWords campaigns to attract your prospective patients who are looking for your services. We create your text headlines, descriptions, and URLs.

Design High Impact Landing Page

We’ll design a great landing page experience for your audience with our results-driven Landing Page designs to optimize the performance of your AdWords campaign. Our professionally designed landing page will positively affect your Quality Score, advertising cost and ad position.

A beautiful website means nothing until it is found.

Our skilled marketing and SEO team has helped hundreds of dentists improve their online visibility. SEO and marketing tactics change all the time – we are always on the cutting edge to bring you more visibility, and more patients.

Medical AdWords helps your practice get found when patients are looking for your services. If you want to know more about AdWords, contact our team of search marketing experts at 949-336-7575 or sign up on the form below for a FREE healthcare marketing consultation.

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