Mastering Pediatric Dentistry SEO


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Mastering Pediatric Dentistry SEO

Whether you’ve just opened a new pediatric dental practice or you’ve been an established presence in your community for many years, it takes a lot of work to capture the attention of your target customer – the parents of your patients. When it comes to finding a new dentist, it’s safe to say that many parents are more vigilant in researching care providers for their children than they are for themselves. Since the parents of today’s children are tech-savvy and accustomed to beginning their searches online, it makes sense that they would go online to begin the search for a pediatric dentist. The question is will they land at your site or that of your competitor’s? In this post, we’ll cover the importance of good SEO for your pediatric dental practice and what it could mean for you.

How User-Friendly is Your Website?

It’s not about keyword-stuffing, and if someone is telling you that, they’re wrong. In other words, you can’t just use ‘pediatric dentist’ all over your website and expect to soar to the top of search results. In actuality, today’s SEO practices have evolved far beyond robotic text and manipulation of meta tags.

Instead, search engines – in particular, Google – want to know how users are interacting with your website. Are they never making it past the first page? Do they actually engage your content, or do they leave quickly? In essence, the longer people linger at your website and the deeper they go into it, the more authority and greater ranking search engines are likely to give you in search results. So how do you create a website that invites visitors to stay?

Clean Design and Navigation

Few things are more frustrating than trying to find your way around a website and never quite getting to where you want to go. Often, visitors are looking for very specific information about your practice, such as your location, credentials, or perhaps the ways you ease anxieties and make kids feel at home in the dental chair. If your web design comes across as unorganized or outdated, visitors might have difficulty finding the information they are looking for. This could cause visitors to leave quickly, which ultimately can demote your search rankings. Instead, opt for a custom web design created specifically for your pediatric dental practice.

Quality Content

The content on your website plays an important role in your search engine rankings. Not only does quality content help convert new patients and keep visitors at your site longer, but it can also improve your site’s authority. It helps to have a diversification of content, including images and videos. Of course, it’s not enough to stop there. Search engines like to see fresh content on a regular basis, which is why blogs are becoming increasingly popular among businesses that want to improve their search rankings. Consider creating content that answers common questions parents may have, such as “when to schedule a child’s first pediatric dental appointment” or “what to do if a child’s baby tooth comes out too soon.”

Mobile Adaptation

Finally, be sure your website is adaptive to viewing from mobile devices. More searches are completed using mobile devices than traditional desktop computers. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you could be demoted in mobile search rankings, causing you to miss out on a steady stream of website traffic.

By working with a professional team of medical marketers and web developers, you can create a mobile-friendly website that loads quickly and gives you a competitive advantage. When viewed on a mobile device, your site’s font can automatically scale, preventing the user from needing to zoom in or out. It can also put your promotions or appointment-scheduling requests front and center, encouraging a quick patient conversion. Ultimately, the idea is to use the compact features of your mobile website to improve the user experience and allow for simple navigation and access to a version of the same features that are available on your desktop site.

If you need help making the features of your pediatric dental website design more user-friendly, the team here at Solution21 is ready to help. Give us a call to request your SEO consultation. We look forward to serving you soon.

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