The Importance of Visual Appeal in Web Design for Plastic Surgeons


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Plastic surgery lends itself to online marketing more than other medical disciplines. Unlike other disciplines, you can often see the success in cosmetic and to a lesser degree reconstructive surgery. Your potential patients will expect your website to be visually pleasing and professional.  Solution21 is an experienced provider of custom websites for plastic surgeons. We have an active support staff that will make sure your website meets your high standards.


It’s important that your practice’s website stays on brand with the visual content. Consistency in visuals, such as colors, logos, and images, gives an air of professionalism to your site. This sense of professionalism makes your practice more trustworthy to potential patients. Be sure to show your practice’s expertise and specialties in your field. Read more about Solution21’s branding services

Local Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)for plastic surgery practices is a key part of potential patients discovering your website. Most of your potential patients are going to be local, so having good local SEO is a necessity. When people search for plastic surgeons in their area, and they are, in fact, in your area, your practice should come up.

A good start is editing your keywords. Try to work the city where you practice into your website’s content and keywords. Make use of online review sites like Yelp, and social media sites. Be detailed and informative with your online content, and keep your content up to date. Be sure to implement content so that mobile users are able to easily find your practice, as that is where most potential patients will seek for service.

Professionality & Exclusivity

Marketing directly to potential patients can help your practice. Potential patients should feel welcome and wanted by your advertising. Taking the time to make your potential patient feel catered to and as if they aren’t a part of a mass marketing ploy. Handwritten materials and direct mail are great methods of making patients feel special.

Your Logo is Important

Your logo is central to advertising your practice. Often times it’s the first thing a potential patient sees and will often adorn each page of your practice’s site. Your logo will be a part of your advertising and will be a part of your company. A good logo should stick with your practice for years to come. You need to understand what your logo communicates to potential patients and why it says that. You need to make sure that your logo is distinct and alluring. Potential patients should be able to look at your logo and have some grasp on what your own personal style is. Solution21 offers Marketing Packages that includes Logo designs for all medical and dental practices.

Your logo communicates a lot about your practice. For example, a lively, glistening and light logo will be more appealing than one that looks harsh and blunt. Medical and dental offices aren’t places that people look forward to going to. Your logo needs to be inviting to potential patients. You need to set a reassuring tone.

It’s important to have a unique logo sticks out from the rest of the pack. Solution21 provides your practice with unique logos so you don’t need to worry about lawsuits happening at the start of your practice. We research and make sure your logo belongs to your practice and your practice alone. While your logo options may seem limited, you’ll find that Solution21 is able to find a variation that is unique to your practice.

Solution21 is a leading full-service online marketing company based in Irvine, California. We specialize in dental, medical, and healthcare Website Design, SEO, PPC, Reputation Management and more. Schedule an online marketing consultation by calling Solution21 at (888) 423-9235 or filling out our contact form today.

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