Does PPC Work for Optometrists?


VP of Growth and MarketingBy Farzin Andrew Espahani | Solution21 | VP of Growth and Marketing

Does PPC Work for Optometrists?

Imagine an optometry startup that is looking to get a foothold in the local market. With no name recognition, reputation, or word-of-mouth advertising, the only way to get rapid visibility is through paid advertising. Knowing that digital advertising is the fastest and most affordable way to manage a highly targeted marketing campaign, the practice delves into the world of pay-per-click advertising in an effort to generate leads. Will it succeed?

While PPC advertising is a highly effective marketing strategy, success is not contingent upon it alone. In fact, there are several variables that contribute to the results an optometry practice might achieve from a typical campaign:

  1. Is the campaign managed by a marketing professional or a practice employee?
  2. Does the practice test multiple campaigns to determine which generate the best results?
  3. Is the practice targeting its ideal market in the most effective way possible?
  4. Is the ad copy using persuasive language?
  5. Does the ad re-direct to an appropriate landing page?
  6. Is the ad targeting optimal keywords?

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when developing a PPC campaign. Getting just one of them wrong can dramatically affect results and the ultimate return on investment. Instead of risking the loss of your practice’s marketing budget on rookie mistakes, turn to the pros at Solution21 instead.

Professional PPC for Optometrists

A professionally run PPC campaign can rapidly increase the number of lead conversions your optometry practices receives from online advertising. Imagine getting countless new patients as the result of a well-honed campaign designed specifically with your practice in mind. Your marketing team is able to research and select the most relevant keywords so that you are not wasting your money on expensive, general optometry keywords that yield little or no results. Just as important, your team is able to integrate ‘negative’ keywords, which prevent your ad from being shown for search terms that are less likely to create patient conversions.

Geographic Targeting

Geo-targeting is another important part of pay-per-click advertising, particularly for small practices. You could spend a fortune reaching hundreds of thousands of people all over the U.S. and Canada only to discover your increased visibility is doing nothing to drive traffic through your doors. When you work with a professional PPC team, you glean from the experience of skilled marketers who know how to tell Google and other search engines that your business only wants local traffic – not widespread visits from people who are never likely to darken your doors.

Optometry-Specific Advertising

It’s not good enough to hire just any ad agency. Instead, you need to work with a marketing team that understands the optometry industry as a whole, as well as the type of information that consumers are looking for when exploring new optometry providers. For example, you may use ad copy to promote flat-rate cash eye exams for the uninsured or perhaps special services, such as pediatric optometry. In just a few clear, concise words, your ad copy should speak directly to the audience and call them to action.

Tweak Your Website and Landing Pages

If you plan to venture into the world of pay-per-click advertising, make sure you are fully prepared to direct the influx of traffic you are sure to get if you use a professional marketing service. You could create a highly effective ad campaign only to drive away potential patients with a poorly designed website or a site that is not optimized for mobile viewing.

We here at Solution21 are committed to serving our customers entirely – not just in part. We not only provide quality PPC management services for physicians, dentists, and optometrists, but we can also assess the efficiency of other marketing elements, such as the practice web design, content, logo, and social media outreach. We can help you build a strong online presence and increase your visibility in your community with the ultimate goal of attracting more patients and outpacing your competition.

We offer a wide range of digital advertising services for Optometrists, including:

For more information about how Solution21 can take your optometry practice to the next level in online marketing, contact one of our friendly team members to request an evaluation today. We look forward to serving you soon.

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