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Social Media PPC for Dentists

Nothing gives you power and control over your marketing efforts quite like pay-per-click advertising. In the digital marketing world of today, PPC has quickly transcended the barriers of print advertising and proven itself significantly more efficient multiple times over. In fact, many would argue that paid search campaigns – social media PPC in particular – are perhaps the most intuitive and efficient way of generating web attention for a dental practice.

Why Launch a Dental Paid Search Campaign?

When it comes to search and social PPC, you develop advertisements that stimulate the interest of viewers, and then you only pay for the ones that receive clicks. Since the action of clicking on an ad indicates a curiosity in your product or service, the response to the ad is much more likely to translate to a new patient conversion than a more expensive advertisement targeting a broad audience with no unique interest qualifications.

Speaking of marketing costs, a dental paid search campaign gives you total budget control. As an advertiser on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, you set your budget in advance of your campaign. In fact, it is possible to limit not only how much you spend on your total marketing campaign, but also your daily costs. This allows you time to assess the performance of your ads and make changes as necessary. It also helps you stay within the confines of your marketing budget – something that ultimately protects your bottom line.

Keep in mind when setting your budget that local markets – even for the dental industry – can be highly competitive. While it may be tempting to target broader, less expensive audiences, doing so could result in a poor return. You should also avoid attempting to manage your own dental PPC campaign. With little or no experience, it is easy to spend far too much on ineffective advertising. Instead, let a team of dental marketing professionals help you succeed from day one with our highly effective dental marketing techniques at Solution21.

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The Power of Social PPC for Dentists

Social pay per click advertising is different from traditional search engine PPC. That is because social media provides a platform in which advertisers can produce highly targeted ads that are displayed only to people of a certain age, interest, or geographical location. Perhaps you want to advertise orthodontic payment plans to mothers ages 30-45. Maybe you prefer to tout the benefits of Invisalign to college-age viewers and young professionals. It could be that you are marketing dental implants and want to attract an older audience. With social PPC, the possibilities are nearly endless.

For example, imagine that a social PPC campaign results in a click to your website that costs you $2.50. However, that person then signs up for your $99 new patient exam and x-ray appointment, where you then up-sell the patient into the purchase of your in-office dental plan. You effectively used a $2.50 advertisement to generate a long-term patient who is likely to return thousands of dollars of revenue in the years to come – not a bad return.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, PPC advertising also makes it possible to address problems with an advertisement that is not performing well long before you expend the totality of your marketing budget. With a mass-produced print advertisement or even organic search results, this simply is not possible. Instead, marketing mistakes turn into missed opportunities rather than a learning experience that leads to more effective advertising efforts.

When you choose to invest in PPC for your dental practice, you can tweak, adjust, and change the features of your ads and audience, as well as the times in which your ads are displayed. These features are what make pay per click advertising so unique. Geo-targeting, for example, isolates your advertisements to web users located in a specific region, such as the neighborhoods surrounding your dental practice or the cities where your second and third dental offices are located. Since your dental office is likely not a global businesses, this helps eliminate waste in your marketing budget while honing in on the social media and search engine users that are most likely to visit your practice when looking for a dentist. Go after your target audience, not the world.

Of course, the features of PPC for dentists do not end there. For even better results, it is possible to participate in ad scheduling. This allows you to choose the days and times when your ads will appear to viewers. For example, if your ad invites viewers to “call now”, you can limit it to running only during your office business hours. If instead you find that your patients are most likely to submit contact forms on the weekends when they have more time to research local providers, you may opt to advertise on Saturdays and Sundays instead. This means your ads are being seen when it matters most, and you are not wasting valuable marketing dollars advertising irrelevant ads at 3 A.M. on a Tuesday night.

Want to Take Over the #1 Spot in Search Results, Instantly?

When it comes to marketing, nothing is more gratifying than instantaneous results. It can take many weeks to see the results of a print advertising campaign and far more time before your dental practice website climbs its way to the front page of search results. Unfortunately, practices that are not on the front page of Google are virtually invisible, as the vast majority of web users never go past the first page of search results. The fact is that if you want potential patients to find your practice on Google, you will need to take steps to make sure your practice appears in the front page position.

With pay per click advertising, you can plaster your practice in premium spots on the front page of Google. These sponsored search results appear when users search for the keywords of your choosing. Even if your competitor outranks you organically for your targeted key term, a sponsored ad still elevates the visibility of your dental practice above that of the other natural search listings. Ultimately, that can produce more leads, higher traffic, and hopefully more office sales.

Why Pay Per Click is So Important for Your Business

You cannot afford to pass over the benefits of social media PPC for dentists. Given the accessibility and affordability of this type of advertising, countless dental offices all over the country (and likely within your own community) are already utilizing PPC to grow their practices. Regardless of how effective your organic marketing strategy may be, a competitor can easily overtake you in search results simply by paying for ad placement. In other words, if you are not actively advertising, your practice could be hidden in the shadows of your competitor.

Fortunately, Solution21 can help you create innovative ads that compete with your competitors. Our smart strategies are rooted in years of training and first-hand experience. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t. Most of all, we know how to fine-tune ads to make them more effective and potentially drive more traffic through your doors.

With an effective search and social media pay per click campaign, it is also possible to boost your long-term SEO results. SEO pertains to your sites natural placement in search engine listings without paid advertising. Good SEO generates organic traffic that you do not have to pay for. Until you achieve a high-ranking SEO status, however, pay per click can help bridge the gap while also contributing to the overall ranking of your site

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Remarketing Benefits

Another perk for pay per click advertisers is the potential for retargeting conversions. Often, people view advertisements and express interest in a dental practice, but for some reason they do not immediately respond to the ad’s call to action. Whether it is a missed purchase, appointment request, or a push-to-call response, the advertisement is soon out of sight and also effectively out of mind.

Because social media and search engine advertising platforms track the activity of users, it is possible to re-target those specific individuals with follow-up ads. If they did not act upon the ad the first time they saw it (perhaps while browsing the Internet quickly at work), then maybe they will take action when they see the advertisement again while relaxing at home in the evening or on the weekend. This technique helps make ads even more relevant and effective, and it often further increases revenue.

Ready to get started with PPC?

If you are not already using search or social PPC for your dental practice, there is no better time than now to launch your first campaign. Just be sure you are working with a team that can help you strategize with an effective marketing plan designed to generate results – not drain your budget.

Solution21 online marketing for dental practices is the premier choice for dentists who want maximum results and the support of an experience team of digital marketers. We have many years of experience working specifically with medical and dental professionals. We know what makes digital dental advertisements work and what does not. We also know where, when, and how to advertise in a way that drives more traffic to your door. From keyword selection to targeted remarketing techniques, you are never alone when you partner with Solution21.

Why settle for mediocre results when a professional dental marketing team can help you maximize the return on your investment? Contact Solution21 today to find out more about pay per click advertising and how it can help you produce greater revenue for your practice.