Customized Websites for Dentists and Doctors, Part IV


…Continued from Part III

Enhanced Patient Experience
Your site’s visitors will come to your website because of organic local search engine optimization, but they will stay based on your site’s ease of use and contents. Our custom websites are equipped with features that improve the experience on your site and encourage visitor-to-patient conversions.


  • Patient Education – We offer two solutions for providing patient education on your custom medical or dental website. You may choose to include a professionally produced video about your specialty from our patient education library, or you may elect text articles, FAQ pages or a combination of each option.
  • Custom Videos and GreetingsSolution21 provides you the option of including a guest greeting and/or video on your website. Whether you want to hire a celebrity to welcome visitors to your site or include an in-office video of patient testimonials, our team of medical and dental web design professionals can help.
  • Street Mapping and Imaging – New patients finding your office for the first time will have access to an interactive map and street-view imaging of your practice. We can also provide detailed driving instructions, including information about nearby landmarks, bus stops and parking.

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