Plastic Surgery Trends In New York

New York is the fashion center of the USA – and several plastic surgery treatments are becoming a normal part of face and body maintenance and enhancement. People who at one time may not have considered a plastic surgery treatment are flocking in for cosmetic enhancements. The use of high-performing non-surgical options has increased general public interest in the benefits of cosmetic surgery treatments.

  • Designer Fillers
  • Laser Treatments
  • Breast Implants
  • Body Sculpting: New Technology

The most popular plastic surgery treatments for patients in New York include:

Designer Fillers

New fillers specifically formulated for various facial areas continue to gain in popularity for the public at large. BOTOX is a standby, and counted on by millions to maintain a smoother look, but more recently released custom dermal fillers are a highly-requested treatment to rejuvenate the appearance of brow, mid-face, lip lines, smile lines, and frown lines.

Laser Treatments

A wide range of advanced laser systems are being used to produce an even skin tone, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and to treat acne scars. With an aging population, anti-aging treatments of all types are of high interest, and many people seek out non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments as a first step.

Breast Implants

One of the most requested procedures is breast enhancement. Women can be unhappy with the appearance of breasts, whether size, shape, or due to the loss of skin elasticity due to aging or breastfeeding. Breast implants continue to be a highly-requested procedure, and newer types of implants can create a more natural-looking feel and appearance. “Gummy Bear” implants have come on the scene.These are termed “high-strength silicone gel implants,” and colloquially called “gummy bear” as the cohesive gel holds its shape in a manner like the popular candy. Many women are interested in these implants as they want their new breasts to look and feel as natural as possible. Teardrop implants are shaped more like natural breasts, and are highly-customizable. As with any plastic surgery, the skill of the plastic surgeon is the most critical aspect in the final appearance, and the most skilled plastic surgeons can produce remarkably natural-looking results with the more traditional shape of implants by using the best surgical techniques.

Body Sculpting

New techniques make it possible to sculpt the body without surgery by freezing the fat in certain areas. Double chins can now be reduced with an injectable that kills off the fat cells in the target zone, which the body then naturally sheds. These new systems, such as CoolSculpting, are of high interest to those interested in improving on what nature gave them.

A Shift to Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Plastic surgery has advanced into new territory with the latest generation of highly-effective, non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Many younger patients are choosing to enhance face and body with these advanced technologies, including non-surgical body contouring, laser treatments, light therapy, microneedling, or PRP treatments to rejuvenate or reshape body or face. These non-surgical treatments produce exceptional results with little-to-no downtime. Modern non-surgical anti-aging treatments make it possible for patients to maintain a youthful face and body for longer, and are in high demand.

With a growing level of interest in less invasive or non-surgical treatments, plastic surgeons can connect with a broader demographic. While standard surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, facelift, neck lift, ear surgery, or an eyelift will always be popular, doctors are now offering patients a wider range of treatments, including dermal fillers, lip plumping techniques, laser skin tightening or resurfacing, microneedling, and other non-surgical enhancements. These treatments are important trends to watch – and to take advantage of.

Facelifts: Always a Popular Procedure

For many patients, no injectable or laser can produce the results of a standard facelift. The mini-facelift is appropriate for younger patients with less severe wrinkling and sagging. An aging population has led to an increase in patients who want a range of anti-aging procedures to restore a more youthful appearance.

A Spa Environment: Patients Expect Luxury

Patients are very educated, discerning, and expect a patient-centered experience. Many prefer a spa-like atmosphere rather than a typical sterile medical environment. Presenting your practice as a warm, inviting, and more luxurious experience can make it more appealing to prospective patients. Many plastic surgeons are following this trend, and establishing a warm, inviting atmosphere with a spa-like image. In this era of online information sharing, the more pleasant you make the experience, the more positive reviews your practice will receive. Obviously, your surgical skills are the most important factor for your patients, but the ambience you present in your practice matters now more than ever before.

The same is true with your practice website. It is imperative that your plastic surgery website is updated to reflect the current design and function expectations of your target audience. High quality images and videos, easy-to-read and understand content, and multiple ways for a user to instantly connect, make an appointment, or post a review all make a difference. Technology issues such as page-load speed are critical – slow loading pages drive away users within seconds. If you have an older site, you are losing patients – it is that simple. If your site is not producing new patients for you, it should be analyzed to find out why. A few simple tweaks may be all it needs – or a total redesign. Our team of professional designers and developers at Solution21 does it all.

Connecting with New Patients in New York

To connect with patients interested in a plastic surgery procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, a powerful online presence has become more important than ever. Just like plastic surgeons, not all online marketing firms are created equal. Talk to our skilled team of professionals at Solution21 to find out how to make your plastic surgery practice more visible online and to attract more patients. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge of user habits and behaviors and the techniques that make your website function as a marketing tool that produces new leads.