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Long-Tail Search: The New SEO for Dentists

What is Long-Tail Keywords?The term “long-tail” refers to the distribution curves in statistical graphs where it looks like a long tail. Unlike single and two-word keywords, long-tail keywords are longer and more descriptive. With your dental practice SEO, you learn about the importance of producing relevant content to help improve your ranking, traffic and generate leads for […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

Solution21 vs. Other Web Design Services

When it comes to designing a medical or dental website for your practice, the value you will receive through Solution21 is unmatched by any other dental or medical website designer.Read our comparison:

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

New Ways to Show your Products to Mobile Shoppers

by Farzin Andrew Espahani
VP, Growth & Digital Marketing – Anthropologist

Advertising with Image Search

Images play a huge role in online retail, whether it’s a lawn-mower or a pair of earrings, people want a visual before they click the buy-now button.

“What’s the price?” and “where can I buy this?” are typical questions Google Images search users […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

How to Design a Website that Converts Visitors to Patients

By Shailene S. | Solution21 | Web Designer

Doctors spend their days helping patients address their oral health needs. The last thing they need on their plate is to spend hours each week building, monitoring, and optimizing their website for search engines. However, in today’s society, potential patients are visiting websites to connect with possible practices […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

6 SEO Tips for Dentists and Plastic Surgeons to Boost Online Presence

By Cami Gener | Solution21 | Marketing Specialist

Most dentists, plastic surgeons or physicians today know that they must have an engaging practice website to entice new patients. However, in order to lead more online visitors to your website, you have to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to drive more traffic to your site.

Basically, […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

Top 5 Reasons to Redesign Your Practice Website

Dental and medical practices continuously change—new services, new staff or locations, new procedures and equipment. The same can be said of the Internet and web technology. What was cool and cutting-edge a few years ago may be obsolete today.These days, your audience’s first impression of your dental or medical practice is based almost entirely on […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

New Year’s Social Media Resolution for Your Practice

Of course, we did not forget about it. It’s New Year and it’s time for a new start. CNN’s satirical resolution list reminds us to put together our own list to help improve your medical or dental practice social media strategy.Think before you post. According to the article,”It takes only a few seconds to compose […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

The Modern Day Search for a Dentist

Where can new patients find you? There are many ways to choose a new dentist. Potential patients can use the internet, the phone, or referrals from friends and family members. But let’s face it—in today’s society, people rely heavily on the Internet. Solution21 recommends identifying your presence on online resources such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

Facebook Introduces Workplace – Formerly Known as Facebook at Work

By Farzin Andrew Espahani | Solution21 | VP of Growth and Marketing

On Monday, October 10th, 2016, Facebook released a collaboration tool now available for use by businesses and organizations called Workplace by Facebook. Workplace by Facebook, previously referred to as Facebook at Work, is an internal […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|

What Does Being Mobile-Friendly Mean for Your Website?

By Nicole Weiss | Solution21 | Digital Marketing Consultant

Practices seeking new patients will no longer want to rely on traditional methods of marketing such as print based advertisement to achieve results. Additionally, patients don’t often find a new practice by driving by the office or finding them in the phone book. Because of these changes in […]

By |March 15th, 2018|blog|