Building a Mobile App for Your Dental Practice


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Building a Mobile App for Your Dental Practice

It seems like there is an app for everything these days, from the places you shop to the places you bank. In a world where you can fit your entire life into your pocket, it only makes sense that healthcare should be included, too. New trends in technology are making mobility the premier tool used by dental professionals in making their practices more accessible to patients. Creating a custom mobile app for your dental office could be just the thing you need to gain an edge over the competition.


Mobile apps create a more convenient and efficient process for patients to access the information they need – especially from sources they frequently visit. Sure, they could go online to your website from their mobile devices. Hopefully, they will come to a website that has been optimized for mobile viewers. As efficient as this may be for someone who is visiting your practice website for the first time while exploring new dentists, it is not ideal for an established patient who visits your site often.

With a mobile app, the task is as simple as clicking a shortcut button on the device home screen, and then navigating to each of the different functions within the app. Furthermore, the app knows who the user is and can customize the experience based on that information. It is a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week feature that follows your patients wherever they may go.


Most people keep their smart phones within an arm’s reach these days. Instead of going through several steps to call your office or send an email, your patients can use your mobile app to quickly schedule appointments or ask questions as soon as they think about it. This gives the impression of a more accessible practice and dentists who are always a click away. That is exactly what people are looking for in today’s busy world where many are now even doing their grocery shopping through mobile apps.

Bill Payment

If you are still billing patients the old-fashioned way with paper and a stamp, you could be wasting time and money. That is because today’s mobile app development platforms make it possible for dentists to bill patient accounts and notify patients as soon as their statements become available. Then, users may opt to pay the bill immediately from the app or perhaps set up a reminder to pay their bill later.

Push Notifications

Imagine reducing the number of gaps in your schedule by quickly filling last-minute appointments as they become available. Custom mobile apps for dental offices make it possible to immediately offer last-minute appointments to patients without having to contact them by email or phone. Instead, the user can accept and confirm an appointment time with the silent push of a button while they are in their business meeting instead of missing out on the appointment because they are unable to accept a phone call. This not only simplifies your office operations, but it can also reduce patient frustrations when they are trying to schedule an appointment.

Important Information

You can also customize your dental app to include other notifications that eliminate the need for sending mail. This may include downloadable patient forms or even pre and post-treatment instructions. Furthermore, the notifications feature in the app make it possible for the patient to see the information right away – not later when they check their mail, email, or voicemail.


If you are hoping to boost your practice reputation, a mobile app can help you do it. Within the app, it is possible to create an opportunity for a patient to quickly rate and review your practice on your website, Facebook page, or other site.

Custom Application Development for Dentists

Users will download hundreds of billions of apps in 2018 – will yours be one of them? At Solution21, we can build a mobile app that is customized to include all the features that matter most to your practice. We utilize a platform that makes your app usable and accessible on all different types of web-enabled phones – not just iPhones and Android devices.

How accessible do you want your practice to be? Do you want patients to know when you post a new blog? Do you want them to confirm their appointment times quicker? Are you looking for a way to cut down on paperwork and encourage online bill payment? At Solution21, we can build nearly anything you can envision and implement the tools and features that matter most to you and your patients. From integrated patient referrals to promoting your ‘specials’ or patient loyalty program, we can help bring your vision to life.

Contact our office today for more information about how a custom mobile app can give your dental practice the competitive edge it deserves.

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