5 Social Media Considerations for your Dental/Medical Practice


imageBy Leah Rutherford | Solution21 | Director of Creative Design

5 Social Media Considerations for your Dental/Medical Practice

Dentists and doctors work to provide a diagnosis for a patient and then develop a treatment plan. The same efforts should be taken when it comes to diagnosing a practice’s online presence and finding a way to make it successful. Having a strong presence in your local market is the key to bringing in new patients and growing your business.

Finding the best way to bring in a high return on investment (ROI) is critical to making these efforts worth your while. One way many medical and dental professionals are bringing in traffic and maintaining patients is with the use of social media. Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook are growing every day and provide amazing opportunities for business growth and free marketing. Consider the five tips below to make use of your accounts and enjoy the benefits of a quality marketing campaign on the cheap!

Socialize with patients via social media

Millions of people around the world are using social media platforms to socialize with friends and family—but also to connect with businesses and organizations they know and trust. Promotion of a website or business can be done with these sites by offering a place for word of mouth recommendations. Patients often leave business reviews and socialize with the staff using these sites while engaging in their services.

Create a presence to improve your competitive edge

Dentists and medical professionals already on Facebook and other social media sites may have a large presence, but this doesn’t mean that it’s too late to board the ship! Competition can be strong on social media just as it can be in more traditional means of advertising, but stronger social media presence has been correlated with higher business revenues. Share information about the technology used in your practice or run a special advertising campaign to draw interest to your social media pages for improved engagement. This will boost traffic and allow patients to see your website link—and therefore take the time to learn even more about your practice. Search engine optimization companies such as Solution21 can provide services to create, manage, and maintain these social media pages while also keeping the traditional website relevant, informative, and up-to-date.

Traditional marketing doesn’t work in the same way

In the past, marketing methods such as direct mailers, television commercials, and telemarketing used to be the way to go. However, today’s average patient is changing the way marketing works. It’s a mobile world out there, and many potential customers are now browsing Facebook and Twitter on their tablets and mobile devices to make day-to-day decisions. Follow the internet trend and start marketing where the patients are!

Social media marketing is completely free!

The best part of social media marketing is that it doesn’t cost a dime to get it up and running. Creating an online presence on sites such as Twitter and Facebook is the first step in making your business known. Posting updates and status posts once a day or several times is easy and not very time-consuming. However, once the page grows, it may need some monitoring and management. Many businesses hire this portion of their social media marketing out to professionals for optimum results—giving medical professionals more time providing face-to-face services for their patients.

Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Immediate feedback

The last benefit of having a strong social media presence is the advantage of immediate feedback. Finding a way to get useful information out to the public can be seen with likes and comments on videos and status posts. It also gives professionals a chance to build a positive, regular relationship with new or existing patients of the practice. Share a video of how a certain procedure is done or an infographic regarding the best ways to care for your smile or body. These may be shared and therefor become viral, free advertising.

Remember, today’s society relies on mobile technology and social media to stay connected, so take full advantage of all these platforms have to offer and boost the presence of your business accordingly.

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