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Meeting With Your Patients Just Got Easier!

What is TeleMedicine?

TeleMedicine is the use of audio & video technology in order to provide real-time healthcare to patients from a distance. With online sessions you can meet your patients anywhere, anytime.

Simple and Convenient to use!

No downloads, No Plugins or accounts for your patients to use. Simply invite the patient to your Virtual Waiting Room by text, email or from your website home page.

No Downloads or Patient Accounts Required - One Click Connect

Starting a TeleMedicine call is quick and simple. In order to start a call, you need to invite your patient to your room. To get your patient to come to your room, just share your room link with your patient via text, email, appointment reminder or direct them to the home page of your website.

Patient Check-In

The patient check-in is quick and simple. Your patients enter their name and room pass-code (Pass-Code is Optional). Then they are directed to your TeleMedicine Consent Form for authorization before entering the waiting room and placed in the patient queue. While in the waiting room, you can request co-payments and communicate via "Live Chat".

Patient Queue

The patient queue allows you to see that your next patient has checked in, and even allows you to jump between patients quickly and easily. What you can do in the patient queue

  • Handle and engage in chat conversations between multiple clients
  • Remove patients from your waiting room
  • Start an audio only call
  • Send and receive files
  • Collect payments
  • See how long they have been waiting
  • See if they've given the browser access to their devices camera/microphone


With live chat you can simply and easily communicate with a patient by text, even while you are on a call with a different patient. Office personnel can gather information before the E-Visit to update patient information such as insurance information or collect co-payments. Live chat is also a great compliment to Live audio and video.

In-Session Capabilities

  • Turn off webcam during call
  • Mute your mic
  • Take a picture of your patient
  • Send patient back to waiting room
  • Make device changes during call
  • Add additional participants to a call
  • Share your screen with your patient
  • Request your patients screen during a call
  • File transfer: Send or receive a file to your patient
  • Collect payments from patients
  • Record your session (Coming Soon)

Dedicated Landing Page & Custom Branding

You have an image and reputation of excellence that you need to maintain, we help you do that. With a dedicated landing page and custom branding. We make it easy and comfortable for your patients to identify with you and your practice. Your patients will have a more professional and familiar experience. Your patients are never redirected, they remain on your website throughout the whole session.

Private & Secure

We take privacy and security very seriously. We implement state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. All data is encrypted, all sessions are anonymous and none of the patient information is stored. We adhere to all HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements.