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Mobile Marketing for Dentists

Dental marketing is all about having a conversation with patients and potential patients that is relevant to their needs and interests. There are many different ways of doing this, although they all vary in effectiveness and reach. When you are exploring your dental marketing options, you may first think of the more traditional methods, such as print or broadcast advertisement. Though old marketing methods may have been around a long time, that does not necessarily mean they come close in effectiveness to the newer ones. Likewise, the new wave of mobile marketing should not be written off as an after-thought simply because it has a shorter history of success. In reality, mobile marketing is shattering the limits of ROI, doing for many dental practice marketing results what was never before thought possible.

Mobile Image is Everything

Patients love their smart phones; there is no question about that. In today’s highly connected society, we are never really far from the people we know or the companies we do business with. If you are advertising on mobile platforms, you are quickly and effectively reaching your target audience, often generating a rapid and traceable response.

There is no longer a need for someone to be watching television, listening to the radio, or reading a specific publication to view your dental office ads. With mobile marketing, you can put your practice visibility directly in the hands of patients and potential patients no matter where they are, from home to work and everywhere in between.

Of course, image matters when it comes to mobile marketing. If you are not presenting your office with its best foot forward, you could do more damage than good. That is why it is essential to know what your potential patients are looking for in a dental provider and project yourself in a way that fits that need. Mobile users are taking note of your communication methods and the types of information you send out. From modern-looking web design to user-friendly custom apps, it is becoming more and more important to maintain a competitive edge.

How to Utilize Mobile Marketing for Your Dental Practice?

Implementing mobile marketing for dental practices is simple when you work with a team of experienced mobile marketers at Solution21. There are multiple high-functioning platforms on which you can build your mobile marketing strategy. Below you will find some of our insider mobile marketing tips for transforming your dental practice.

SMS Mobile Marketing

The first is SMS text message marketing. This is an affordable and effective means of reaching out to patients through direct messages that you can send with the touch of a button. As you build your SMS text messaging lists, you are acquiring the phone numbers of patients and potential patients who have shown a genuine interest in your services. Not only are they already engaged, but they are also highly likely to view your messages – not delete them before opening them like they can with emails. In fact, the vast majority of smartphone users open virtually every text message they receive. When combined with an effective email marketing strategy, SMS mobile marketing and email marketing can complement each other by interacting with an already engaged customer.

Custom App Development

There seems to be an app for everything. In fact, many people have come to expect businesses to have custom apps – including small, local dental practices. When you develop a custom mobile app, you gain faster access to your patients through the power of push notifications. These are notifications that pop up on a user’s phone with an audible sound. They are often visible from the lock screen and take the user directly to the mobile app.

You can use push notifications to remind existing patients of their twice-yearly exams, send account balance notifications, or even advertise a special promotion. This offers convenience for the patient and rewards your most ‘loyal’ patients with special offers and features not available to those who do not have the app. People who download app are also more likely to respond to your marketing efforts since they must show genuine interest in your practice to instigate a download. Imagine offering instant in-office promotions on a whim, such as 20 percent off a tooth whitening treatment. In just a few moments you could generate new revenue for your practice – something not possible with traditional advertising methods.

Note that your app is an extension of your practice image. It should be easy to use, visually attractive, and reflective of your overall brand.


Mobile marketing for dental practices will also allow you to use a person’s present location to advertise your nearby services. You may have noticed this type of advertising yourself when Facebook gives you a friendly reminder in your news feed that your favorite coffee shop has an afternoon special on a new latte, and it just so happens to be right across the street. This is an insider mobile marketing strategy used by the pros to capitalize upon the immediate location of a viewer and encourage them to acknowledge how close your practice is to their work, commute, or even their home. This technique also leverages the increased likelihood of someone making an appointment with a dentist that is located in familiar neighborhoods that are not too far out of the way.

Attention-Grabbing Posts/Ads

If there is one thing that professional mobile marketers know, it is that even the best marketing efforts are negligible if the ad messaging is wrong. At Solution21, we know how to improve the language of mobile marketing with attention-grabbing posts, ads, push notifications, and text messages that encourage a response. We can offer helpful advice for tweaking your mobile marketing message in a way that is advantageous for your practice. For example, running contests can help send your practice viral on social media platforms, via email, and by way of other sharing technology. Viewers are more likely to engage your contest if they have chances of benefiting directly at no additional cost.

Quantifiable Results with Minimal Cost

When it comes to advertising, the sooner you know what is and is not working, the better. No advertising platform can provide faster, real-time ROI data than digital platforms – particularly those based on mobile technology. With a digital platform, you can generate instant reports with unique data parameters that help you assess the effectiveness of your strategy. You can also take note of important information, such as the number of downloads, opt-ins, and other interactions users are making with your ads and landing pages.

At the same time you are collecting better and more reliable information about your mobile marketing campaigns, you are also saving money on the types of marketing expenses you might have with alternative advertising methods. For example, imagine how much your office may have to spend on postage stamps, printing services, and materials if you were to mass-produce and mail out a printed brochure or flier to tens of thousands of people in your local community. After all that work, you then have to wait weeks to determine the success of the campaign, which is likely to be around one to two percent. With mobile marketing data, however, the cost of advertising to your customers can plummet while your success rate skyrockets to all-time highs.

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If you are not harnessing the power of mobile marketing for our dental practice, you could be missing out on major revenues that increase your profit margins both now and in the years to come. With Solution21 mobile marketing services, you can keep in constant contact with your patients, sending a text or push notification at the click of a button.

Most people have their phones on hand at all times. According to recent data, the majority of online search inquiries are now performed on a mobile device – not a desktop. Furthermore, the average person is spending approximate one hour and forty minutes per day browsing their social media accounts – most of them from their mobile devices. In essence, that means that if it is waking hours, most people are likely within arm’s reach of their devices at all times of the day.

Mobile Marketing Takeaways

Generally, the following key points generally hold true:

• Approximately 90 percent of all SMS text messages are read by the recipient.
• Mobile devices are the fastest mode by which you can market directly to patients or consumers

• Mobile advertising has the potential to produce much larger returns on investment than alternative methods, such as direct mail and commercial broadcasting.
• Mobile advertising can provide two-way communication options between patients or potential patients and dental providers.

Ready to get started with Mobile Marketing?

If you are ready to double, triple, or even quadruple your existing patient conversion rates, now is the time to contact the mobile marketing team at Solution21 to discuss the different type of solutions that could benefit your practice most. We know how to help you better connect with your patient base, speak the language they are more likely to respond to, and fine tune your messaging and targeted demographics.
There is no need to spend $50,000 on a mass marketing scheme. Big budget ads do not always equal big results. When you are investing your practice’s marketing dollars into a campaign, you want something that is more likely to yield solid – not questionable – results. Now is the time to take advantage of our cost-efficient mobile advertising methods that help yield immediate results while still remaining in the confines of your marketing budget.
For more information about how mobile marketing can help transform your dental practice into a highly-trafficked office, contact the mobile marketing team at Solution21 today. We look forward to serving you soon.