Dental Health Trends in Canada

Growing numbers of Canadians are seeking dental cosmetic procedures. With the large baby boomer generation entering the later phases of life, many people in this demographic are seeking treatment for various dental problems, from health-related issues to cosmetic enhancements. With a great number of young dentists entering the profession, competition is increasing. Dental practices that offer the latest in technology are responding to the trend and attracting higher numbers of patients.


Invisible teeth-straightening methods continue to grow in popularity, both for younger patients and adults. The advantages, other than avoiding the appearance of metal braces, include the simplicity of using the aligners to straighten teeth, with no need to avoid certain types of foods. These invisible aligners are not appropriate for every patient, whether due to cost or the degree of straightening needed, but dentists that offer this option are attracting more patients.

Cosmetic Treatments on the Rise

Cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular in Canada, and many patients are seeking that perfect smile. Dentists that offer a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including veneers, dental implants, and advanced teeth whitening are finding these treatments to continue to rise in popularity. Many dentists who offer in-clinic whitening procedures are attracting new patients, who then become loyal patients; these introductory services are proving to be a powerful way to get new patients in the door.

Tech-Savvy Patients

Younger patients are particularly tech-savvy and appreciate the most advanced treatment options. They expect digital X-rays, and are attracted to technological amenities such as screens at every dental chair, advancements that allow for same day crowns, and other high-tech options. This segment of society relies on review sites to choose a dentist, and practitioners who manage their online reviews and offer a better patient experience are seeing an increase in new patients, as positive reviews are shared other happy patients on social media and review sites.

Digital Systems: Better, Faster Treatments

Dentists that use digital impressions, 3-D printers, smart sterilizers, or practice holistic dentistry are seeing an upsurge in new patients. Dentists who stay ahead of the curve and provide patients with these new options not only provide a better patient experience, these technologies make dental appointments shorter and allow more patients to be treated within the same time frame – a worthy investment.

The Selfie Generation

Canadian dentists who take advantage of the current obsession with selfies can win new patients by offering cosmetic treatments that are more affordable for the younger working public. These treatments, such as teeth whitening and instant veneers, appeal to those in this demographic, particularly young women.

Dental Implants

Dentists have easier, better technology in dental implants. Earlier methods required dentists to use bone augmentation for many patients, but newer options make it possible to better preserve natural tissue and bone. One-step implants make it possible to restore a tooth faster, for less cost, while providing the full function and aesthetic appearance that meet the demands of modern patients.

Ride the Wave of Technology and
Increase New Patients

Dentists who take advantage of the rising interest in new technology and offer patients the most advanced treatments are on the right track. While staying ahead of the curve in technological systems makes treating patients easier, faster, and more efficient, the hidden advantage is found online. Patients share their experiences, and many millennials will only go to a dental practice that has the maximum number of stars and positive reviews from other patients, as these reviews are believed to be truthful. Many dentists have implemented an instant patient feedback system to identify a dissatisfied patient directly after treatment so they can resolve any problem before the patient is inspired to post a complaint online.