How To Use Google Remarketing To Grow Your Practice


We are currently in the age of online technology, where most businesses and companies interact with potential customers via the internet. It is important to find ways to attract potential customers to your business to boost your practice. While potential visitors might arrive at your site, they might not interact or perform further actions on your site.

It has been shown that about 97% of first-time visitors to a website, on average, do not complete any type of action. There is good news, however. You can direct one-time or multiple visitors back to your site with Google remarketing. Remarketing ads for medical and dental practices helps you follow prospects while ensuring you remain at the top of their mind.

Just like owning a book doesn’t make you know what is in it unless you read it, it is important to know all about Google remarketing to make it work for your practice. Read on to learn about Google remarketing and how it can help you grow your practice.

Tips To Effectively Use Google Remarketing

There are various tips you can use to boost the effectiveness of Google remarketing. They are:

  • Be aware of the rules: To protect individuals and prevent privacy violations, Google makes it quite difficult for healthcare practices to use its retargeting services. However, Google permits practices to use display targeting broadly around service lines and treatments to help protect users' privacy.
  • Despite this, however, it is still quite challenging for healthcare practices to use this service. This challenge is what makes the other tips notable.

  • Remarket by working around AdWords: Remarketing ads by healthcare practices usually get disabled by Google due to a violation of Google's advertising policy. One way to avoid this is by working around AdWords by using services that help you develop options that can help you target past visitors while remaining compliant with Google rules.

These services function either by segmenting users into lists based on past services or targeting the entire website by making your landing page specific to a specific line or condition.

  • Use dynamic remarketing ads: Dynamic ads have shown a lot of promise and have been called the future of remarketing by some. By creating a dynamic ad, you allow Google to produce an ad for you that contains your chosen price, image, and content, band tailored to the behavior of your website’s visitors. However, you should always be careful with the wording of your ad to ensure that you always remain compliant.
  • Use YouTube as an outlet for targeting: YouTube is one of the most popular social media apps and boasts millions of views daily. Video ads are one of the most effective ways to connect with prospects, and we recommend that you get your videos into YouTube. If you do not have the time or budget to create a video, there are outside sources that can help connect you with professionals who can create videos and bid for prices.
  • Showing your video In Stream is a popular and cost-effective approach to employing remarketing with YouTube. This implies that your video will appear before videos that YouTube users want to watch. If a user decides to skip the ad before 30 seconds, your video will be skipped, and you will not be required to pay for the impression. It is also easy to set up. You have to set it up from the “videos” tab in AdWords.

Objectives Of Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is a technique for bringing visitors back to your website after they've already visited. As analytics lets you know they were previously interested in your site, retargeting can entice them to return and take action. This can be done by asking a question via online messaging or making an appointment. Your patient generation can be focused on a specific interest group rather than depending entirely on traditional, broad dentistry marketing strategies.

Remarketing: How To Get Started

There are a lot of methods available for you when remarketing. From general pop-up ads and specific ads to remarketing videos on YouTube and other platforms. To create your remarketing campaign, consider the steps below:

  • Select and create a marketing strategy: This is one of the most important steps in remarketing. Having a solid marketing strategy helps you have specific goals while eliminating the need for spending on ineffective ads. The first step in creating a market strategy is to choose a target audience and then create an audience list for each service your site offers.
  • Create new content: Prospects are more likely to interact with your site if you always deliver fresh and exciting content. Good content posted regularly is a great way to attract old visitors and new patients to your site.
  • Experiment with different ads to find what works best: The goal of advertising is to display content appealing to the public and will generate an interaction with the product or service being advertised. As a budding marketer, you should experiment with various ad styles to determine what appeals to your audience. You can experiment with advertising via posts, surveys, pictures, and videos and see which does best. Some advertising firms have better search engine optimization than other advertising modes.

Some audiences also tend to respond better to videos, while others might prefer short, straight-to-the-point graphics. Whichever mode of advertising you currently use, it is always advisable to expand your content portfolio.

Advantages Of Remarketing Compared To Traditional Marketing

Traditional advertising usually works by broadcasting content over as wide a range as possible with a general target audience. However, this might be expensive and broadcast content to audiences that might not be interested in a particular product or service.

Remarketing targets only individuals who have previously shown interest in a particular service. Doing this increases the likelihood of such individuals visiting your site and participating in a service.

When you start remarketing, it might seem a bit stressful. However, once you learn and master this skill, it can help you rapidly grow your practice.