6 SEO Tips for Dentists and Plastic Surgeons to Boost Online Presence


Most dentists, plastic surgeons or physicians today know that they must have an engaging practice website to entice new patients. However, in order to lead more online visitors to your website, you have to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to drive more traffic to your site.

Basically, when someone in your area does an online search for a new dentist or plastic surgeon, you want your practice to show up on top of search results. There are many ways you can improve SEO and below are the top six ways you can attract more people to click on your website to learn more about your practice.

1. Make Sure That You Have a Responsive Website

A lot people looking for a new dentist or plastic surgeon in their area conduct their online searches on their mobile device. Therefore, it’s important that you make your website responsive to mobile devices and tablets, meaning anyone looking at your website through any device will be able to read the text and see all of the images clearly.

If you don’t have a website developer in-house, make sure you work with a professional agency that specializes in responsive website. Solution21 for one, a dental marketing agency that has been evangelizing the mobile-friendliness even before Google’s mobile-friendly update came around. A mobile optimized website stands a better chance of getting visits from potential new patients.

2. Add Personal Touches

Personal touches can help set your website apart from others dental or plastic surgery websites in your area. An example of adding a personal touch to your website is uploading video biography. You and your associates and staff members can shoot short videos talking about why and how you became dentists, when and how your practice was established, your favorite part of the job, and more. The videos will help personalize a potential patient’s experience on your website.

Another interesting personal touch you can add is a video of a virtual tour of your office for new patients. This video will simulate a new patient’s first visit to your office, starting with someone stopping at the front desk to sign in, filling out paperwork, being introduced to the dentist and or plastic surgeon while sitting down in the consultation room. This would give your potential patients a first-person view of what transpires during first visit and how their appointment will go. It will also give you the opportunity to highlight your friendly and professional staff, clean treatment rooms, and advanced dental technology.

3. Post Blogs Regularly

Incorporating a blog on your website is another way to boost SEO performance and convince more people to contact your office to make an appointment. Your blog can include educational content explaining your services or healthcare tips. For dentists, it can be about the best way to care for gums, what products to use to get rid of plaque, or how to brush children’s teeth. Plastic surgery practices can blog about the benefits of enhancement procedures, latest non-surgical procedures or what to expect after surgical procedures.

You can blog about what a typical dental or plastic surgery visit would be like for new patients. This is something many patients will be interested in so they can plan their visit and know what to expect. This and other related articles can help prospective patients get to know you and your staff ahead of their visit. You can also ask guest bloggers to contribute posts on your blog, which can help promote your practice and increase traffic to your website.

4. Research the Top Keywords for Your Website

Significant keywords can definitely improve your SEO ranking. It is important for you to take your time to explore keywords that best describe your practice, especially the unique services you provide. Choosing the right keywords and ranking for them can help your dental or plastic surgery practice stand out from all the other practices in your area. Adding a few, but more relevant, keywords on your website content, title tags and meta description is far more effective than trying to stuff your content with secondary keywords. At Solution21, we learn about your demographics and find out the right keywords and phrases they use when searching for services or procedures you offer.

5. Optimizing Title Tag and Meta Description

A title tag and meta description provide a preview of what potential patients will see if they visit your website. They should be written in a way that will encourage people to click on your website. You essentially have to incorporate the right keywords in the first half of both the title and meta description to be more effective. Sometimes, an appealing meta description is all that is needed to get someone to click on your site to learn more about what your dental or plastic surgery practice has to offer.

6. Build and Maintain External Links

Creating external links on your website contributes to your professional representation as a dentist or plastic surgeon. When online users click on an external link, they should be directed to a reliable, well-maintained website. Any external links on your website should add value to the content on your website, they should also be well-researched and approved by you.

The six tips stated above can get you started on improving SEO for your dental or plastic surgery website. Keep in mind that you want to develop the most engaging and appealing website you can, while informing visitors about all your services. Boosting your SEO can get your website in front of as many probable new patients as possible. When potential patients look up your keywords, you want them to easily spot your practice on the first so they can discover everything your practice has to offer.

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