What’s the Right AdWords Budget for Your Dental Practice?

You must have read a lot about how AdWords can help your dental practice land on the front page of Google search results. But just how much do you need to spend on AdWords to keep you at the top of the first page? Here’s a rundown of Google AdWords, how to set your budget and bid like a marketing pro.

What’s the right AdWords budget for your dental or medical practice?
There is no comprehensive scientific analysis involved in deciding the right AdWords budget for your practice. You simply pay for cost of the keywords you are buying and only pay per click. Because you get charged per click, more clicks means more spending. granting that your practice is located in a relatively quiet town, setting aside a monthly budget of $500 is a good start.

How much do keywords cost?
Google measures the cost of keywords through a system called Quality Score, which sets the price for your chosen keywords based on these parameters: relevancy of your ad copy, keywords, and landing page. You get a high rating from Quality Score if these parameters are set up right and Google awards you with better ad placement and lower keyword prices.

Factors affecting your AdWords budget
Location, services, market and competition for keywords affect AdWords pricing. In bigger towns or cities, keywords cost more because there’s more competition the would want to buy the same keywords you want. Keywords cost less in smaller towns with little or no competition.

The number of keywords you purchase has a direct impact on your budget, too. The more keywords you buy, the more budget you need. For starters, you may want to just focus on promoting one particular service or procedure for the three months or more, then expand to cover more as your budget would allow.

Remember, the cost will vary depending on the competition, Quality Score rating, and the size of your campaign. It’s imperative that you or your AdWords manager regularly review the progress of your campaign, optimizing keywords and eventually expanding your campaign as appropriate for your budget.

Understanding AdWords billing
There are numerous options for paying AdWords. But there are only two important things you need to remember when setting up your billing information: how you pay and what you pay for. With AdWords, you are not charged you until you have earned clicks. This process is called post-pay or you pay after the service is rendered. Google automatically bills the owner of the AdWords account when the balance reaches a pre-assigned amount or after 30 days, whichever happens first. We recommend using a company credit card for your form of payment. Google also keeps a transaction history of your AdWords account if you need it for reference.

Your AdWords spend should not be rigidly fixed. You just have to ensure that your maximum bid on your choice of keywords don’t exceed what you’re willing to pay per conversion.

Solution21 has a team of certified Google AdWords experts who are available for a quick consultation and can help you set up your account. Call us at 888-423-9235.

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