Top 7 Benefits of Press Release Distribution


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Top 7 Benefits of Press Release Distribution

With social media and the entire internet giving us up-to-date information all day long, it has been said that the traditional “press release” is becoming less and less relevant. However, this method of releasing new information about a business is not yet dead and gone. What is considered old or outdated is still actually alive and well. You see, even though the traditional press release being mailed out to companies to announce a new service or proud has been considered a thing of the past, press releases have continued to adapt to the changes in today’s society to continue as a valuable way to spread messages for publicity. Press releases used today can still assist in getting media coverage while also having benefits for SEO.

Here are a few of the advantages of using press releases for marketing:

Media coverage

All business can use press releases to distribute information about their company. Not all press releases need to be big stories—even small stories and events can get media coverage in blogs, magazines, newspapers, and podcasts. If the industry doesn’t know you exist, they can’t tell your story!


Unless a company is hiring a press release writer and distributor, there is typically no cost to writing and releasing a press release. This is a relatively inexpensive or free way to advertise a company without paying costs upfront.

Boost visibility

Smaller businesses can use press releases to help them gain an edge in a consumer battlefield. It helps these companies be seen in the sea of big business and gain the attention of potential consumers to share information about the company and who they are. This will help in gaining attention of local journalists and can build trust over time with them and your potential customers.

Industry expertise

Do you want to be seen as an expert in your industry? By building trust with consumers, they will be more likely to purchase services or goods from your company. Additionally, expertise is a great “in” for media relations. If a newspaper or news channel wants to do a local story related to your industry, they may want to reach out to an expert in the field for more information. That could be you!

Coverage far and wide

Press releases are typically used to target local media outlets, but press releases online can spread far and wide! When one reporter showcases a story based on a press release, it can be seen by others and bring about even more publication in other fields.

Get your news out there!

Has your company invested in a new device for patient use? Are you releasing a new product that you’d like to announce to the public? Any time your company has news to share, it’s a great time to write a press release to reach out to your customers. When writing your press release, announce your news in the hopes media outlets will want to share your announcement with others!

Keep investors up-to-date

Individuals who are interested in investing in small and large companies will stay abreast of advances and successes of these businesses through reading press releases. Additionally, many companies may add a “news room” or “in the press” page where investors can learn more about the company and its recent highlights.

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