Top 14 Dental Marketing Trends for 2014

Did you get the most out of your website this year and did you see an increase in your patient numbers? If you have never bothered to track the number of visitors coming to you website and the number of new patients coming to your office, now is a good time to start getting more involved. Through tracking and analysis of data, you can determine whether your marketing efforts are gainful or just a plain waste of investment.

The new 2014 offers a clean slate and great opportunity for greater success with your website. The internet has become the most viable place to market your dental or medical practice. With marketing playing a crucial role in the health of your practice, here’s a list of 14 marketing trends for successful dental and medical websites for 2014:

1. Conversion Optimization is what you need to focus on your website to increase the number of visitors who turn into leads and patients. There are paid for optimization tools like Bounce Exchange or Crazy Egg that can provide invaluable insights into your website’s conversion activities. If you don’t have the budget and not prepared to make that investment, Google Analytics is a free tool you can use to help get you starting with conversion optimization.

2. Original content gains more dominance in 2014. Design and form make up the body of your website, the content its heart and soul. If you want your website to matter, it must remain active and regularly updated. Ten new pages filled with fresh and unique content every 6 to 12 months is ideal. If you want to market your website more aggressively and competitively, you will have to create a few pages each month. Your website will be ranked for the quality of content and frequency of change. Updating important parts of your website, such as the landing page, news and blog site will be crucial to your ranking.

3. Blog about your practice and become an expert in your field. Post original, keyword-focused, natural-sounding blogs, at least three times a week, and establish authority over your dental content. Active blogging will raise the value of your practice and contribute to your website ranking. Sign up with Google Authorship for the added credentials.

4. Advertise to spread the word about your practice and get ahead of the competition. The internet is teeming with competition that relying on organic ranking will just not cut it anymore for your practice. Invest back in your practice with the online marketing and use Google AdWords or Facebook advertisement.

5. Manage your reputation and sign up with Google, Yelp and Rateadentist for your online reviews. Make it easy and accessible for your patients to leave comments about their positive experience with you and your staff. If you have negative online reviews, don’t panic. All you need to do is encourage your loyal patients and request them to leave a positive review for you. To neutralize the negative review, the rule of thumb is to get 5 positive reviews for every negative review.

6. Get on Facebook and Twitter and request your patients to share your posts. These leading social media networks can help publicize your dental website and have a multiplier effect. They help boost your page rankings on various search engines.

7. Get Google Webmaster Tools to help you assess spam, bugs, errors, or any crawl errors affecting your website and rectify them quickly.

8. Take Google Analytics more seriously and assess your website traffic and data periodically.

9. Keep old and relevant content because search engines understand the uniqueness of dental or medical content. You see, new content is not always necessarily better than old content for some websites. The life of original and unique content can be extended as long it stays relevant to your practice.

10. Manage your phone calls and make sure all calls are answered with a smile during office hours. Your staff should make follow-up calls, personally, to patients you have treated. Your staff must be trained on business phone etiquette because it can make or break your relationship with your current and potential patients.

11. Manage your emails daily. After all, it the most used online service and a valuable business tool that will enhance your relationship with your patients.

12. Track new patient numbers and find out how new patients learn about you. It a great way to measure which one of your marketing strategies is working for you.

13. Manage your reputation and get more actively involved with online review sites. Entice your patients to post their reviews in exchange for giveaways. More and more people are turning to online review sites to choose and evaluate their new dentists or doctors.

14. Give back and get more involved with your community by volunteering or donating. Acts of kindness make a bigger and more lasting impact on the community organizations you are supporting and on your practice.

If you are running a successful practice and you are seeing many patients, you will need help from the experts to manage your dental marketing. Online marketing requires staying on top of the ever-changing algorithms and trends of search engines and content management. The marketing experts at Solution21 are here to help you succeed this new year, and beyond. We are in the business of search engine optimization and we have a staff of trained dental and medical copywriters to produce unique dental content and contribute to your online success. For a complimentary website evaluation and proposal, call us today at 888-923-4235 or email

Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous new year!

Sid M.
VP for Operations at Solution21, Inc.

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