The Most Important Recent Changes in Medical SEO


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With continued changes in today’s society, representatives of medical companies are quickly realizing that their online presence, when strong enough, can bring new patients and improve their authority in the health industry. This is why it is incredibly important that a successful search engine optimization campaign be in place for a medical practice. Search engine optimization, or “SEO,” is a way of heightening visibility in the online realm for better visitor-to-patient conversations. Whether you decide to go it alone or work with an SEO agency like Solution21 which has extensive experience providing marketing success to medical companies, you need to make sure you stay abreast of the changes in SEO and keep your company at the forefront of these improvements.

A trend in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) focus

AMPs are known by webmasters as a way of developing website pages that quickly load for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. By using a special format, the site loads faster than on a desktop by using a fraction of the data. Search engines such as Google have already started focusing on sites that offer an AMP. When developing an SEO plan, be sure you are taking the time to build a special site that is friendly for mobile devices and reduces barriers to access key areas on your website.

The use of dense content

At the heart of SEO strategy is that of quality content. Content is one way to improve a company’s visibility and building a medical professional as an authority in their field. Over the years, visitors have become acclimated to content that has little purpose or meaning. This may be regurgitated, generic content spun again and again from other blog posts and web articles on the web. This “fluff” content has little to no value to a visitor on a medical website. Instead, visitors are drawn to sites with quality content also known as “dense content.” This is content that provides a lot of information in 1,000 words or less. Revisit your current site and evaluate the type of content available. Determine whether it will help you or hurt you, and make the appropriate changes to boost your SEO campaign. Additionally, consider user-generated content as it can be an incredibly powerful shift into a more strategic plan of building your medical client base.

Cross-channel marketing

One of the SEO trends that seems to have the biggest impact in marketing is that of cross-channel marketing. Instead of just developing a website, consider the ability to brand yourself over several platforms. This can give a medical company a strong lead in terms of marketing and SEO strategy as it spreads information and advertising across several channels at once to expedite and optimize the entire process. Common platforms include popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter where companies can engage almost instantaneously with their visitors, as well as past, current, and future customers.

The importance of voice searching

A common option for searching online is the use of voice searching. Many people are looking for a hands-free and futuristic approach to getting the information they need. As technology continues to improve, we are seeing more accurate and improved voice recognition software and less common errors. In 2017, shifting part of your focus to voice searching can help with finding appropriate keywords from spoken queries, personalizing the information that is available on a website, and providing content that is location-based or results from previous searches.

Optimize your medical facility’s presence now!

Medical practice owners ready to take charge of their online presence in 2017 are welcome to use the information above to develop an effective and powerful SEO marketing campaign tailored to their specific needs and the unique desires of their visitor base. Companies like Solution21, an SEO firm, can take these tasks into their own hands so business owners can focus on their customers at a face-to-face level—leaving the guesswork of back-end SEO work to the professionals!

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