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Things To Consider Regarding Search Engine Optimization

Content Editor

Below are a few recommended practices for editing your website. Google ranks all websites using over 200 different factors. Only a handful of those factors are publicized. Please note that there is no single action alone that will create a significant result; these are general guidelines that may or may not apply depending on your circumstances.

1. Try to focus each page on one keyword or short phrase. An example would be “Orthodontist in Irvine”.

2. Please use that chosen keyword in headers, title tags and the body of that page in a logical and meaningful manner.

3. If we are working on your website under our Advanced SEO program, please make changes with caution. There are tags, links, and keywords that we may have added or changed for SEO purposes and making changes to them yourself may affect your search engine ranking negatively.

4. Try to avoid a practice called ‘keyword stuffing’ which means placing multiple keywords in a row on one page. Focus on your visitors and try to create high quality content. Search engines reward that dedication to your visitors.

5. When you can, create links within your website to other pages of your website using the keyword phrase of the target page as anchor text.

6. Adding links to other websites will have no positive effect on your ranking.

7. Getting links from relevant and prestigious websites to your own is always helpful. Avoid paying for links since they tend to be low quality and may harm your ranking.