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Online Content Editor

Online Content Editor™

Solution21’s exclusively developed online tool to give you greater control of your practice website

Our simple and smart Online Content Editor™ allows you and your team to make changes, updates and edits to your website content quickly and easily. This technology makes managing your website easier by enabling you, or anyone in your team, to have full control over what goes to your website.

Accessing the Online Content Editor™

Access the Online Content Editor™ through the MyWebAccess panel using your unique login information. Once logged in, you have full access to the content area of your website. The HTML is locked to keep you from accidentally changing codes and cause site disruption. Editing the backend of your website requires more advanced skills and should be left for the more our more experienced programmers.

Easily Update or Edit Pages

Access the Online Content Editor™ has a user-friendly admin bar, which is accessible from any page on your website. From there, you can add or view content with a simple click. It’s that easy.

Our Online Content Editor™ is a very simple online resource created to help you manage and organize your website content without having to know HTML or other complicated programming tools. It’s as easy to use as your favorite word processing program and makes adding and editing content possible for anyone on your team!

Even better than this, we have a team of experienced and trained web specialists who are ready to assist you and provide Customer Support, allowing you and your team more time to focus on your patients.

Would You Like to Know More About Our Online Content Editor™?

Please schedule an appointment today with one of our experienced Solution21 web specialists for a demo on our Online Content Editor™. We’ll give you a closer look at how our exclusively developed Online Content Editor™ works. The demo is complimentary and requires no obligation at all.