Important Reminders for New Website Clients

Design process timeline

At this point, the design process of your website development is concluded, you are transferred to our monthly program, and you are assigned a website specialist that will take care of any changes and updates you would like to make to your website content in the future.

Information Accuracy

While we do our best to make sure all the information on your website is correct, it is very important that you and your staff review this information one more time to confirm that there are no errors.

Online Editor and Website Statistics

You can access these tools through the login page of our website.

Advanced Online Editor

This easy-to-use tool will give you the option of editing your website content 24/7. It is simple and reliable. If you need a walk-through please give us a call and we will be glad to help.

Website Statistics

This is a live third party counter that provides important and useful information on your visitor count, keywords, source of traffic and much more.

Login Information

If you don’t have your login information, simply use the automated ‘Forget password’ buttons to retrieve it.

Improving your website ranking

In order to better position your new website on search engines, we have completed the initial search engine optimization that is included with your package. If you have opted for Advanced SEO, we will continue working on that front. It is, however, always helpful to update the website with personalized information as much as possible. Try to focus on keywords that are important to you and make sure that they are mentioned within the text in a meaningful manner.

Online Appointment Requests

When a patient completes an ‘Online Appointment Request’ or other contact forms on your website, the result is emailed to your email accounts that we have on file. We recommend that you provide at least one additional email address to ensure that these emails are not lost. Also, to ensure that these important emails will reach you, kindly add the following two email addresses to your contact list or add them to the safe list for all your email accounts:



Then, please test the form by filling it out and making sure that you receive the results. Please contact us if there is any problem. You now also have the option of receiving alerts by fax and/or text.

DNS Change

If your website is already live, you can skip this step. If not and you have registered your website name yourself, please follow the instructions below to update and redirect your current address to your new website.

Please login to the account where you registered your website name originally. Locate the DNS management or Name Server Modification section. When you reach that screen, please replace the existing name servers with these two:

The change should take effect within a few hours. If you need help, please give us a call and we will walk you through the process or you can provide your username and password and we will take care of this update on your behalf. Please note that the Online Appointment Request and Online Editor will not work until this change is made.

Important Copyright Reminder

Please respect copyright laws at all times. Whether you use our Online Editor or send us change requests with your material, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are allowed to use such content. Our clients are responsible for any claims that arise due to use of material provided by the client.

Terms of Service

Please note that it is REQUIRED that you adhere to all terms and conditions outlined in our Legal Notices when using our services and products. Please review these terms on a monthly basis to stay informed about any new changes and requirements.


If you are considering sending e-newsletters to your patients, please consult with us before doing so. There is important information about the ‘Do Not Spam’ law and HIPAA rules that you need to know before sending mass emails.

We appreciate your business and hope you choose Solution21, Inc. for all your marketing needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,

Website Design Team

Solution21, Inc.