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Although you are a doctor first, your medical practice is a business. In order to sustain that business, you must market it so that you can spread the good news about your medical services. One of the best ways to market yourself is with a press release. A successful press release relies on two factors: writing and distribution.

Press releases must be expertly written to convey the news or information about your practice in the most interesting and valuable way. Additionally, your press release must reach the right audience. Highly effective press release distribution is all about targeting the right audience, media outlets (such as Dental Tribune), people and reporters, as well as key bloggers, influencers, and decision-makers.

Here is a list of why the press release is important to your practice:

Instant exposure
As soon as you send a press release out, you gain instant exposure. With press release that is optimized, news about your practice will show up on news sites, giving your practice access to an audience you could not reach on your own.

Defining your brand
In order for people to truly take note of your dental or medical practice, you must create a well-defined brand that they can identify with. Whether you already have a strong brand or are looking to establish a brand identity, a press release can help you along.

Gossip on your terms
As your brand grows, people will talk about your practice no matter what. With a press release, you gain the opportunity to dictate the tone and direction of the conversation. Since you can choose to focus on the positives, even directly address the negatives, you have better control of the conversation altogether. It gives a lot of opportunities for your practice to shine.

More inbound linkback opportunities
The internet inbound linking and linkback remains one of the best ways to grow your internet presence and optimize your practice’s website for a better ranking on the search engine result list. When you create a press release, you can add a link to your medical practice’s website so that every time that your press release is posted somewhere, you website receives another linkback.

Rapid internet traffic spike
A well optimized press release will stand at the forefront of news related to your industry for weeks on end. As long as this is the case, you will see an exponential spike in web traffic to your medical practice’s site. This means more opportunities to gain more patients. Although this spike in web traffic is temporary, it will have the residual effect of creating a long-term traffic increase.

Create a high-quality press release to market your practice soon!
At Solution21, we take pride in making our clients’ practice easier by handling all your practice press release needs. After consultation with you, we craft an engaging, professional press release that highlights what is most appealing and attractive about your practice news.  Then we send your news out to the right media channels, ensuring that you receive optimal results.

Whatever your press release writing and distribution needs may be, we can help. Contact our Solution21 internet marketing expert today through email at marketing@solution21.com or phone 949-336-7575 to discuss more about press release.

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