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Solution21’s Review Monitoring allows you to easily keep track of the reviews patients leave for your practice on different websites.

Your reputation is the core of your dental or medical practice. The evaluation of your staff and services allows you to recognize you and your employees, while offering insight in areas that may need more assistance. With a review monitoring system in place, it is easy for you to be notified when your practice receives a new review.

Solution21’s Review Monitoring offers an easy way to feed positive feedback on your website. Ensuring your patient’s satisfaction lowers the risk of damaging your online presence, delivering better customer service and loyalty to your practice.

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73% of people think positive reviews make them trust a practice more

90% of people read less than 10 reviews before they decide to schedule an appointment

84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

40% of people will choose a practice based on online reviews


Your Online Reviews Matters

According to researchers, almost 90% of customers will go online to search practices and services before they call or visit in person. Solution21’s Review Monitoring helps you keep on top of how you are being perceived online.

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Review Monitoring


Monitor Online Presence

Solution21’s Review Monitoring will alert you via email when your practice receives any feedback from the different review websites you are subscribed to.

Display Positive Feedback

Review Monitoring will display positive feedback received on these sites for others to view on your practice’s website. You have the ability to choose which of the different reviews you would like to be added or changed to be displayed on your website.

Respond to Feedback Quickly

Being alerted when you receive new feedback from the different review websites allows you to respond accordingly. You can give express gratitude to those that left positive reviews and respond to the clients who left negative reviews and address any issues they may have.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reading through your reviews can give you insight of what patients are saying about your practice and allow you emphasize the good qualities and minimize the bad qualities.

Increase Online Rankings

Having good reviews across the different platforms can increase your ranking on search engine results and increase your online visibility.

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