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  • Call Tracking

    Track Calls to Track Your Success.
    Measure the real ROI of your dental website and marketing efforts

  • Call Tracking

    Track Calls to Track Your Success.
    Measure the real ROI of your dental website and marketing efforts

Call Tracking Services

With Call Tracking you know what your patients are asking for.

With Solution21 Call Tracking, you will have access to precise information regarding incoming calls to your number, allowing us to fine-tune your marketing efforts to make them more effective for your practice. Call tracking is a great way to determine just how well your online marketing campaigns are working for your practice, from your website to paid your paid advertisements such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs. Unique numbers can track and identify which efforts are generating the most leads and revenue. It will also provide you with data regarding the callers.

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With Solution21 call tracking, you can accomplish the following:

✶ Accurately evaluate the source of all website traffic
✶ Determine which advertising or marketing efforts make your phone ring
✶ See how long prospects or patients were on the call
✶ Learn if the call was answered
✶ Discover how effective your websites or campaigns really are
✶ Get daily call reports

Think of how much more effective all of your advertising and marketing campaigns would be if you could see the results instantly. The amount of time and money that you save from call tracking is tremendous.


Improve Practice Through Call Tracking

Despite the increased presence and availability of healthcare practices, millions of prospective patients still prefer to make healthcare inquiries over the phone. If you’re not tracking their behavior just as you would an online visitor, then you’re losing revenue opportunities. Solution21 call tracking services offers these powerful advantages:

Campaign Comparisons– Call tracking lets you analyze which campaigns, keywords and packages are driving real revenue to your practice.

Clear and Actionable Data– Solution21 Call Tracking reports are easy to read and allow you to follow your patients through the complete sales cycle.

Team Training– Call recording reveals your team’s phone etiquette so you can find opportunities to train them and improve conversion and customer service.

Call Receptionist Accountability– You can review your front office staff and hold them accountable for conversion.

Reduced Call Volume– Common phone requests may be answered on your website

Key Features of Phone Tracking

When you sign up for Solution21 Advanced SEO and marketing services, you will be provided with an a dedicated phone number that we will track for you. Our call tracking services allow you to monitor as many phone numbers as needed, and we can set up specified phone lines to track both paid and unpaid online marketing tools. All calls to this number are rerouted to your front desk or any existing line of your choice in your office, so there is no need to add a new office line or alter your office operation at all. You can use a unique trackable number for each campaign you run. By tracking calls separately from your website, mobile site, PPC campaigns or partnered listings, you can clearly see which campaigns are driving real revenue and which one you need to improve. Solution21 phone call tracking has the following features:

✶ Patient phone number and location captured and saved for up to 90 days in order to review and evaluate each call
✶ High-quality recording of calls
✶ Ability to make notes and record revenue
✶ Google Analytics integration for campaign comparison and analysis
✶ Simple web-based reporting to fully relate the call tracking info to you
✶ Option to add multiple tracked numbers

A beautiful website means nothing until it is found

Our skilled marketing and SEO team has helped hundreds of dentists improve their online visibility. SEO and marketing tactics change all the time – we are always on the cutting edge to bring you more visibility, and more patients.

Solution21 offers several call tracking service plans based on your needs. Please contact us at 949-336-7575 or sign up on the form below for a FREE Medical SEO consultation.

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