PPC for Doctors

Pay-per-click or PPC for Doctors is a performance-based paid advertisement in which medical practices only pay every time their advertisement is clicked, a winning advantage over the traditional print-based advertisement. It’s one of the most effective additions to the digital marketing campaigns for doctors, such as dermatologists, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons. The cost per click (CPC) is calculated based on relevance and the competition for the keywords in your local market. Doctors can get immediate and long-term results in paid listings with PPC advertisements. Solution21 offers PPC management services that ensure high-quality traffic for your website. During the initial consultation, our PPC experts determine your business goals and come up with the right paid advertising strategy for you.

PPC Management Services

With cutthroat online competition and shrinking user attention span, attracting prospective patients online has never been this challenging. Our expertise in PPC management will help build the right foundation for your paid advertisement strategy. At Solution21, we customize our management services to fit your business goals and will work closely with you to understand your needs. We work within the approved budget and keep you regularly updated about your ad performance. We maintain transparency and open communication with our clients to keep you involved in the whole process.

✶ Research and explore your market and niche
✶ Establish baselines and benchmarks
✶ Analyze your competitors
✶ Discuss your business goals
✶ Keyword research
✶ Set-up accounts
✶ Develop ad campaigns
✶ Daily bid adjustments for the right keywords for maximum ROI

✶ Write high-converting ad copies
✶ Design compelling PPC Ad Copies to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR)
✶ Design effective PPC landing pages to aid in conversion
✶ Manage your daily and monthly PPC budget, making sure money goes to the right campaigns
✶ Do not hide any fees from you.
✶ Adjust or fine tune your PPC advertising strategies based on performance metrics
✶ Track and report the new leads, keyword performance, cost per click

Tracking PPC for ROI

Tracking is crucial in gauging the performance and success of your PPC strategy. Using competitive metrics allows you and your PPC experts to stay on track to hit PPC goals. PPC is set up so every step along your prospective patient’s buying cycle is tracked, from the initial click on your advertisement all the way through the phone call they place to your medical office. Our PPC management includes tracking your ad’s performance or Click Through Rate (CTR), which is the number of times your ad was displayed compared to how many times it was clicked. Tracking and analyzing your CTR allows us to understand which ad is more engaging or effective for your target audience and it helps us refine your campaign for better performance. When visitors click on your ad, they are lead to your targeted landing page and directed to call or contact your medical office through a tracked phone number or email contact form for inquiry or for dental appointments.

Certified and Experienced PPC Experts

Solution21’s team of pay-per-click experts are certified by Google and Bing and have collective extensive experience in online paid advertisement and search marketing to create effective PPC solutions for doctors and medical practices that maximize your return on investments. Our certified PPC experts create targeted landing pages, research and review your keywords throughout the PPC process, compose compelling ad copies that drive your campaign’s click-through rate and conversions. Using advanced business intelligence tools and programs, our PPC specialists also analyzes ad performance data, budget and trends to ensure your PPC campaigns are highly profitable.

Top PPC Platforms

There are several PPC platforms you can use to drive high quality traffic to your website, the top four of which are Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Networks (Bing and Yahoo).

Google AdWords

The most popular PPC platform, Google is the biggest search engine and owns the largest percentage of search traffic with 67 percent market share. Advertising on Google AdWords gives you access to millions of consumers that are actively searching for healthcare providers on their network. Advertisement with Google guarantees immediate first page and top position placement if you are willing to outbid your competitors. Read more »

Facebook Ads

From being a mere social networking site where you connect with friends and families, Facebook has become the largest marketing platform with over a billion active users. Studies have revealed that over 50 percent of all active Facebook users visit the site daily, giving you the widest audience and readership. Facebook Ad’s targeting options are completely different from search engines. It allows medical practice to reach their target audience using Facebook’s demographic and interest data. Read more >>

Bing and Yahoo Ads

Microsoft Ad Network’s Bing and Yahoo Ads are alternative PPC ad space you can tap to reach prospective patients who are not searching on Google. Bing and Yahoo’s market share in paid search clicks is steadily growing. They are less competitive than Google and offer more reasonable cost per click (CPC). Read more >>

Recipe for Success: PPC with SEO

There are two kinds of listings on search engines—organic listings and paid listings. PPC paid advertising offers immediate results in the paid listings section of search results, while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses more on optimizing your content for organic listings and offers long lasting results. Combining PPC with SEO will guarantee maximum exposure for your medical practice and domination of local search results. Even more powerful is combining your PPC and SEO with comprehensive digital marketing solutions, such as Call Tracking, Remarketing and Social Media Management. This will get you on top of the search results for exactly the keywords you are targeting and right in front of potential patients who are searching for the services you provide in your area.