Responsive Website Design

Responsive plastic surgery website design is the recommended mobile configuration by Google

Responsive Website Design can help your plastic surgery practice become accessible to people who search on any mobile device.

Responsive websites allow users to access all critical data on any digital device, including desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The site functions to fit any screen size, with correctly-sized fonts and images. This single-URL site framework uses fluid grids that resize and rearrange the content to suit the full range of screen sizes. Responsive website design is necessary in the current culture, where many users rely on a smartphone to go online – above all other devices. 95 percent of American’s now own a mobile phone, with 77 percent using a smartphone. One in ten American adults use a smart phone as the primary means of getting online.

Google developers and webmasters recommend the use of responsive design for the SEO advantages it will provide. This development system makes it possible to have your site function seamlessly on any digital device, without the need to create a separate mobile site and providing only one website to manage and update.

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Responsive Plastic Surgery Site Design is Google’s recommended mobile configuration.
Meet the standards of the most popular search engine.

Why is Responsive Design Important for a Plastic Surgeon?

Potential patients will use a mobile phone or other digital device to search for plastic surgeons in their area. They may be in a vehicle, relaxing on the couch, or at work – but wherever they are, they need to find your site, fast. A responsive website design makes it possible for your site to be visible on any digital device so you don’t miss out on potential patients that may search for your services on a range of digital devices. They want it to load fast, be readable, and provide the critical information they need, and a responsive design makes it all possible.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive website Design for Plastic Surgeons

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Responsive Website Design

Advantages for Plastic Surgery Patients

Establish a better user experience with an easy-to-navigate, readable site on any sized device.
Give online users access to information at their fingertips.
Faster page-load time that caters to modern device users.
Tap to call and mapping functions.
Text messaging for appointment reminders to streamline your practice.

Advantages for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Increase your reach to the audience that matters to the success of your practice.
Consistent messaging and information across all devices.
Save time and money on site development, with no need to build a mobile site.
Recommended by Google to produce the optimum results in SEO.

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SEO covers a wide scope of activities, including social sharing, interesting and engaging blogs, and the correct use of technology on the back-end. The way searches work is in a constant state of change, as algorithms are changed to create a better search and more positive user experience. At Solution21, we work to keep your practice ranking high on the search engine results page so your site can be found. Our responsive designs make it all function seamlessly – on any digital device.

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