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Importance of Elegant Website Design for Plastic Surgery Practices

An elegant website design for a plastic surgery utilizes the components of a responsive website design, making your practice website highly functional and adjust beautifully to different screen sizes and resolutions. This accessibility is important because potential patients switch back and forth between different devices- smartphone, tablet, and laptop- when searching and browsing the Internet for plastic surgery practices. Better and consistent user experience contributes to higher conversions, improving engagement, and a better impression of your brand, practice, service or product. Approaches to creating a Custom Responsive Website Design and a Pre-Designed Responsive Website vary distinctly. Nevertheless, they share some features and functionalities that make responsive website design as a whole a success.


Responsive Website Design Accessibility


Accessible with all mobile devices and screen sizes

Having a responsive website design allows your website to be easily accessible from all mobile devices and screen sizes. Previously, plastic surgery practices had to have a separate website specifically for viewing on mobile devices. A responsive website automatically formats according to device you are viewing it on.

Responsive Website Design Navigation


Optimal viewing experience and easy navigation

Navigation around your website is made easy by having a menu that changes to fit your viewing format. The menu is collapsible on mobile devices, making it an optimal viewing experience.


Social Media

Social Media Integration

Recent posts from all of your social media platforms are live streamed on your website, increasing awareness of your content. Links to each network increases the probability of getting your content shared and increase your social following.



Compelling call-to-action buttons

CTA (Call-to-action) buttons are made to be highly visible, increasing your chances for converting potential patients. CTA’s are strategically placed in prominent areas across your website pages to increase the likelihood of being clicked.


Website Editor

24/7 easy-to-use website editor

Solution21 provides you with the ability to go into the design of your website and easily make the changes that you want. The interface is easy to understand and use, no coding is required on your end.



New patient lead capture forms

Forms to capture the information of your potential clients are easily visible on each platform, throughout your website.


Stock Imagery

Professional stock imagery

Solution21 makes use of high-definition, professional stock photography across your website. Having a responsive website design allows the pictures to be flexible, adapting to seamlessly fit on any device.



Interactive Maps

A large, aesthetically pleasing Google Map with your logo can be placed on your website to let potential patients know exactly where your practice is located. The map is interactive, allowing potential patients can zoom in view the surrounding areas of your practice.


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