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Many plastic surgeons who are investing in plastic surgery SEO (search engine optimization) are often wondering if the long-term cost is worth it. To determine if this is true, it is essential for plastic surgery practitioner to look into the ROI (return on investment) from the SEO investment.

Measuring ROI of Your SEO Strategy

To measure your ROI, there are three KPI (key performance indicators) that must be tracked:

  • Rankings– With a good SEO strategy in place, your website will have higher rankings and appear on top of search results. Most patients searching the web for a plastic surgeon in their area do not look past the first page of search results. So if your practice is nowhere on the first page, you lose the opportunity of getting found and winning a new patient. With the use of SEO tactics, such as keyword research and optimizing your website for search algorithms, your website can appear on the first page of results, thereby increasing traffic to your website.
  • Traffic– Multiple SEO strategies can generate traffic to your website in different ways: organic, direct, paid, and referral. Measuring the traffic to your website is not only based on the number of visits, but the quality of the traffic based on the keywords in place. Furthermore, a proper SEO strategy can encourage potential patients to spend more time on your website and visit more pages. An optimized website with custom content ensures that you provide visitors with relevant information, bringing in quality patient leads to your practice.
  • Conversions– If potential patients find useful information on your website and see the quality of your practice, they are more likely to book an appointment. They may become long-term patients that bring in their spouses or partners, family and friends for regular plastic surgery treatments over the course of several years. In most cases, depending greatly on location and competition, the average “stay” of a patient in a plastic surgery practice is anywhere from between three to 10 years. Developing a long-term plastic surgery SEO strategy is the most efficient way of ensuring a steady growth in your practice.

Plastic Surgery SEO Strategies Help Get Your Plastic Surgery Practice to the Top of Search Results and Generate More Leads

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Benefits of SEO to Your Plastic Surgery Practice

SEO offers numerous benefits to plastic surgery practice. One of the top benefits is prospective patients can easily find your website when performing an online search. Highly-targeted SEO strategy can help you market your services and attract the right demographic for your practice. Here’s a list of SEO benefits to your plastic surgery practice:

  • You rank higher than other plastic surgeons on search engines
  • Improves your online presence
  • Makes it easier for your potential patients to find you online
  • Exposure to the right people based on specific keywords
  • Helps you gain insight of what your audience is looking for
  • Allows you to deliver relevant information about your practice
  • Increase of traffic to your website
  • Provides a steady stream of quality leads
  • Quality patients stay loyal and provide residual income

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