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With social media, it’s all about the photos. Top image sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine are proof of this.  Leading internet marketing agency, Hubspot, recently revealed a study that says photos on Facebook produce 53 percent more Likes than a text message post. Your dental practice needs exposure and you can do this by engaging in social media and posting great images. Here are 5 photos your social media followers want to see: Followers This is a guaranteed to be liked and shared. Obtain permission and post pictures of your patients on social media, preferably of them smiling after the treatment. In this day and age of selfies, who wouldn’t love to see pictures of ourselves and our children with perfect smiles on the website. This is proves to your patients that you are their number 1 fan and that you care about their smiles. Yourself and your team Patients will more likely stay loyal to their dentist or doctor who takes time to pose with the staff and post their photo on social media. Your patients are sure to keep coming to your office if show that you and your staff are sociable and likable. Equipment and technology While dentistry and dentists may be a common sight, the same cannot be said of dental equipment. There are some amazing dental technology that have been invented to make trips to dental office less painful and these are worth sharing on social media. It will help educate your patients, ease their fears and highlight your dental expertise by discussing some the tools you have and how they are used. You will be surprised at how many patients are interested in advancements in dental technology. Special moments Posting photos of special moments that patients don’t normally have a chance to see make your social media followers feel as if they belong to a family and that they are part of your group in a special way. Special events such as birthdays, events and celebrations, or of your pets, are all worth capturing and shared on social media. Outside the office People, be they patients or not, are always fascinated to see professionals as real people with real interests and hobbies or activities. Share photos of your hobbies, vacations, charity work and anything you think that will help people trust you  with their health. Remember, if patients feel like they know you or connect with you, they are more likely to stay loyal to your practice. Some might think this is too personal, but social media is personal. Your followers are your patients and your patients are people. Too busy to manage your practice social media needs? Let Solution21 help! We can plan an organized and effective social media strategy for your practice to keep your patients engaged and to get potential clients interested in your services. Contact a Solution21 social media specialist at 949-336-7575 or email to learn more.

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