Online Marketing Solutions for Dental or Medical Doctors – Simplified


Online Marketing Solutions for Dental or Medical Doctors - Simplified

It is critical that every medical or dental practice have an online presence that will earn them exposure – resulting in a more successful business. Are you looking for a successful online presence but don’t know where to start? You aren’t alone.

Not everybody has the internet marketing knowledge they need to succeed – so we are here to help, with these simple suggestions on how to increase your practice’s exposure.

Google is …

Your best friend. Google has a long list of services that are there to help your practice grow. Google+ Local is an excellent example. This product uses mobile optimization to help people find, engage with, and review businesses in their local area. The easy-to-use search results are displayed first, above any other search engine results, so a catchy description here can attract patients. Google+ Local is combined with customer reviews and Google+ Pluses, making them more trustworthy to your potential patients.

Guest blogging is …

A great way to maximize backlinks. Write for other people’s popular websites & blogs. When they mention you as the author they will include a backlink to your site. A backlink is an incoming hyperlink to your website. These naturally boost traffic to, and ranking for, your site. The better authority site you write for – the more valuable the backlink from that site. You also gain ‘expert’ status for yourself the more you are published.

Infographics are …

A visually pleasing way to share information. Most practices already have some form of Infographics on their walls – educating their patients. The particular type of inforgraphic we are talking about is the internet version of that. On the internet the infographic has the added opportunity of going viral. If they go viral, being shared thousands of times, this will create free advertising and brand awareness, since the graphics will always link back to your practice website.

YouTube videos are …

An underused goldmine for exposing your practice. Youtube videos are not that difficult to make, although they require time to plan and edit. Videos can sate the potential patient’s curiosity about your practice. You can show them what a particular procedure looks like, what the office looks like, what equipment is used, etc. The best thing about using videos is that they are shown high in search engine results and are useful for SEO. Similar to the infographics above, if your YouTube video goes viral, this is more free exposure and brand awareness for your practice.

Social media is …

Social Media for Online Marketing

The new SEO, according to some. These days, people don’t just go to Google and Bing to search; they also use social media channels to find what they’re looking for. Increase brand awareness, visibility, and patient satisfaction with an active social media presence. Drive traffic to your practice website by sharing information your patients will find useful and/or entertaining.

A Beautiful Website is …

Last but not least. A beautifully designed, high-functioning, and content-rich website is the hub of all your online marketing efforts. You are driving potential patients here and they will be making their final decision to choose your practice based on what they find here.

These are all proven methods to help you grow awareness of your medical or dental practice. Staying abreast of modern marketing trends can help you not only maintain the relationship you have with your current patients but aid you in attracting new ones.

We hope your new internet marketing knowledge will help increase exposure for your practice – Simply!

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