What Does a Mobile-Friendly Website Mean?


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What Does Being Mobile-Friendly Mean for Your Website?

Practices seeking new patients will no longer want to rely on traditional methods of marketing such as print based advertisement to achieve results. Additionally, patients don’t often find a new practice by driving by the office or finding them in the phone book. Because of these changes in how advertising affects today’s society, it may seem difficult to know exactly how to bring new business to your practice. However, marketing via the internet has become one of the most successful avenues for building a practice. It doesn’t mean just having a website—it also means having a mobile friendly website.

Understand the Smaller Screens of Mobile Devices

Though it seems obviously, take note of the face that mobile devices have smaller screens than traditional computer monitors. This is important for one specific reason: what looks great on a practice website viewed on a computer monitor will look over-sized and cluttered on a smartphone unless it is designed to be mobile friendly. Building a website that adapts well to other devices make it easier to access and view as it formats the existing content correctly.

A website that is mobile friendly will allow images to load faster, getting potential patients the information they need the second they want it. Mobile friendly websites tend to hold the attention of a customer better than one that is not.

Because potential patients have all the information they need right before their eyes, they will not have to navigate around content that is not applicable to what they need to find. Smaller screens should also be kept in mind when designing methods of contact such as making an appointment—actions which a potential patient may be visiting a site on a mobile device to achieve.

Consider Innovative Features on Mobile Devices

Technology is evolving at a record pace, and new, innovative features are being released for mobile devices with each new upcoming model. Mobile friendly websites will take advantages of these features that are not commonly available on desktop computers.

For example, mobile devices allow visitors to call directly from a number on a website, send off SMS and instant messages to initiate chat conversations, and patients can also download and use apps from various websites. These are all ways to take full advantage of mobile devices and how they allow potential patients to interact with your website.

Medical or dental practices’ Apps are a great option to consider as they allow an individual to learn information about the services offered in your practice, provide a platform for providing educational visits, and give patients easy access for scheduling appointments. Mobile applications can also be linked with mobile websites for more features and information if patients decide to peruse further into your practice.

Using Locator Applications

Another benefit to utilizing a mobile friendly website is the chance to utilize locator software that was designed specifically for these devices. Knowing if a potential patient is in the local area or actually attending an appointment at your practice allows you to get them engaged with social media or even offer special incentives for visiting the office. This is all thanks to the GPS technology used in devices today. Potential patients can even use this technology to search for practices nearby, and you want to make sure your company is represented in this manner.

Consultation with an Expert

An aspect of mobile-friendly medical websites to strongly consider is the benefit of responsive medical website design, which is a strong focus for search engine optimization firms such as Solution21. Solution21 works with clients to help doctors and dentists develop a mobile friendly website that utilizes all of today’s technology to achieve results—and build businesses. If your goal is to provide prospective patients with information regarding your practice’s office, services, and how to contact you, it is important to work with an expert in the field to get the traffic you desire coming through the doorstep. By building an effective medical or dental website that is mobile friendly, you will likely increase the foot traffic through your office in a more affordable manner than any print advertising can provide.

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