Low-Effort Customer Support: Key to Success

Solution21 low effort customer support

There are many website design companies out there, but there’s only a few that offer unlimited customer support with their hosting package. At Solution21, we understand what exceptional customer service is about– it’s about helping you manage your website so you can stay focused on your practice.

Being focused on your practice promotes customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is directly linked to your practice revenue. Advertising may win us new customers, but it’s the quality of our service that will keep them.

What drives a successful business?

Simple. Low-effort or low-barrier customer support. Customers choose to continually do business with a company based on the quality of service they receive– not just the products or packages they sell. Solution21 Customer Support, ranked for fast response time and quality of customer service, implements a low effort or low-barrier approach to fulfill the customer’s needs. It is quickly becoming the key to business differentiation. Low effort or low-barrier is basically how easy it is for a customer to have that stellar service experience, which puts a company top of mind for the next purchase.

A survey by Avaya, a global business solutions provider, cited that more than eight-in-ten U.S. adults say they would likely stop spending money with a company as a result of a bad customer experience— that’s eight-in-ten. What’s more insightful is that over half of U.S adult consumers admitted they would be willing to spend extra for exceptional customer service.

What is covered by your unlimited customer support?

To make it easy for customer to reach us for customer support, Solution21 offers different channels customer can use to contact support, through email support@solution21.com and by calling the hotline, 949-336-1889.The hotline was set up to make it quicker for customers to reach a live service representative.

As part of the hosting fee, all Solution21 clients receive unlimited customer support. Solution21 Customer Support consists of all the help you need to keep your website current, freeing you to make focus and make the most out of your practice. This includes content (text and photo) update, new promotions, Web Mail and Solution21 website-specific technical support.

The average turnaround time for delivering results is three to five business days. However, if there’s a big volume of work, the wait can stretch up to five business days.

For VIP clients, Solution21 Customer Support offers VIPs get the perks of fast-track delivery and guaranteed priority service within two working days.

What is not covered by your customer support?

Solution21 Customer Support don’t cover client-side computer issues such as browser updates, internet outtages, Third party email software issues, such as Outlook and Gmail These are not Solution21 products and therefore not covered by Customer Support. Please contact an IT specialist or email software support to help you address these issues.

What Solution21 clients say about our Customer Support

Here are few of the customer feedback from Solution21 clients who take advantage of the unlimited customer support:

  • “The service is great. It’s the first time I have been offered this unlimited customer support in all the years that I have had a website. It makes managing  my website so much easier and hassle free.” — Dr. Paul N.
  • “We think your service is excellent. I called one time to ask about my website and the explanation by your agent was fast and accurate. I plan to continue using your services.” — Dr. Harold S.
  • “I am impressed at the level of customer support I get from you. You addressed our concern on time. We intend to continue working with Solution21.” — Dr.  Martha A.

Solution21 Customer Support main mission

That is to make managing your practice easier for you! Leading dentists, surgeons, health professionals, clinics and institutions trust Solution21 Customer Support representatives to help manage their website every day. Our representatives are knowledgeable and equipped with information on customers and past interactions and website issues. They are highly trained to to address technical questions and to follow-up on issues appropriately. Solution21 Customer Support team works hard to earn customers’ trust, providing you with unprecedented service and peace of mind.

Are you taking advantage of Solution21 unlimited customer support service? Contact support@solution21.com or call 49-336-1889 if you need help with your Solution21 website.

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