The Importance of Strong SEO and Elegant Web Design for Dental Practices


By Nicole Weiss | Solution21 | Digital Marketing Consultant

The Importance of Strong SEO and Elegant Web Design for Dental Practices

Every dental company wants to be successful. A dental practice is a business that needs to make a strong presence, especially when today’s patients are searching the internet for professionals. Having a website that helps connect you with potential patients can quickly build a business ripe with lifelong work. The best method of optimizing a website is by using tried-and-true SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. When used in conjunction with quality brand design and website development, great strides can be made in getting more patients to your website and through your practice door!

Understanding web development and design

Internet marketing professionals know that a great website can be the foundation of successful ecommerce marketing campaigns. Managers of dental practices who are working on developing a website need to make sure it is functioning and operating at all times. Hiring a dedicated team of professionals, such as those available at Solution21, is the first step in ensuring your website is optimized for today’s search engine standards and can reel in potential patients. Below are a few aspects of web design and optimization to consider:

  1. Original design

With billions of websites online competing for patients, it is essential that your website stands out from the rest. Originality plays an important role in brand recognition and building trust between dentist and patient. Creating a site from scratch and using design elements, colors, and graphics that are not part of a template is one great step in the right direction.

  1. Platforms

Today’s society accesses the internet in a myriad of ways, with more and more patients looking for their next dental professional through mobile devices such as their smartphones or tablets. A website should load properly on all electronic devices and should be optimized to load properly and quickly across all platforms.

  1. Content marketing

Another important aspect of online marketing is that of quality content. When patients are learning more about practice, they will peruse the website to read the pages and articles available to make a decision about your business. You want this content to be original, engaging, and informative, while also using a call to action to get your potential patient to connect with you and your business. Web designers and online marketers know how quality content can make or break a website and will employ a variety of techniques to ensure the site is built to exceptionally high standards.

There are several ways to go about building quality content. Patients today like to find the information they need in a fast and visual manner, which makes strategies such as infographics a great way to educate patients on specific topics and convey quality information such as statistics from recent studies. Infographics make this topic simple to follow and easy to digest without requiring visitors to read large chunks of statistical data in paragraph form.

Another method is the use of website optimization. This includes using several tactics to engage visitors quickly while catering to the algorithms of search engines. A website developer will focus on SEO strategies while also ensuring the content has textural elements such as headers, subheaders, and lists. This helps break down content into an easy-to-read format to keep potential patients engaged in the content available on your website.

Marketing on social media sites is another way to build a brand reputation while allowing new and current patients the chance to connect on a more personal level with your dental practice. Creating channels on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can make it easier than ever to share quality content outside of just your website or blog pages.

Understanding SEO

Some marketing expertise goes beyond the design, layout, and content of a business website. This includes search engine optimization. SEO is a process during which website marketers will create content and make back-end edits to a website to ensure it aligns with the latest algorithms for search engines. Search engine sites, such as Google and Yahoo, have certain elements they look for when determining how to rank a website on their SERPs (search engine results pages). Marketing companies such as Solution21 will evaluate keywords and actively promote link building and target market analysis to build SEO-friendly content and pages on a dental practice website.

Get ready to boost business!

If you are ready to make your dental practice succeed, consider the benefits of effective website design and search engine optimization to convert website visitors to brand new patients!

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