Implementing New Design Best Practices for Medical and Dental Websites


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Implementing New Design Best Practices for Medical and Dental Websites

For those in the medical field, your practice’s website can greatly affect the amount of current and new patients that are drawn in. It used to be that medical practices depended on their current patients spreading the word of their experiences to friends and family in order to attract new clients. Nowadays, most individuals rely almost solely on the internet to find new medical practitioners.

Just creating a website is not enough anymore. You need a new modernized website that has advanced SEO and meets current search engines ranking standards. Websites use to only have basic information, contact number, location, and a small summary about the business. These days, in order to provide a good experience for visitors, websites should provide content that engages the user.

Below are some popular techniques that can help you stay ahead of the game for medical web design and how to utilize them to pull in new patients.

Websites are Sources of Information

Writing a blog is now one of the most popular ways to spread information and opinions. An increasing number of people now commonly use the Internet to post on popular social media sites, write informative blogs, and share their experiences with others.

Medical practitioners hold a lot of expertise and information in the field of medicine. Visitors to their website like to see content about both the services provided by the practice and generic medical knowledge. This makes blogging an important website component for medical professionals to integrate into their websites.

Medical professionals are busy and often have very little time to spend on blogs. However, your patients don’t anticipate a daily update. A regular update every week, every other week, or even monthly is better than no blog at all. This will help boost the reputation and trustworthiness for your website and business.

Links to Popular Review Websites

Review websites, like Yelp or Google My Business, are becoming increasingly popular and influential. In the past, we depended on phone books to find new medical practices. Now patients rely heavily on customer testimonial websites to locate practices in their local area and determine the business’s credibility based on customer reviews.

Businesses have been reluctant to ask their customers to review their services on sites, like Yelp. The use of these websites have become so prominent that companies invite their customers to look at their reviews. Most individuals won’t contemplate visiting a business until they have looked through multiple review websites.

Having links to these review websites within your company site is recommended unless you have an overwhelming amount of poor reviews. If you do have a majority of unfavorable reviews, then increasing your website’s positive rating should be one of your company’s main goals. These review websites can majorly affect the prosperity of your practice. A few bad ratings aren’t a big deal, but an overwhelming number can potentially cripple a business.

Social Media Activity

Being active on popular social media websites is necessary for developing an effective online reputation. This allows your customers to stay in touch with you and stay up-to-date with your business. New potential customers may be somewhat leery of a company that has no social media activity.

All of your social media links should be prominently displayed on your site. Updating all of your social media accounts may seem time consuming, but it can easily be done by an assistant or a new hire. The effort that you invest in your social media will help improve your practice over time.

Your businesses main focus is giving patients exceptional care. However, creating an active social media presence is vital for the continuing success of your practice.

Following the advice previously mentioned and staying up-to-date with your social media activity and website is crucial for appealing to new clients and keep your current ones.

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