How Dentists Can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization


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How Dentists Can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization

No other industry is as competitive of a market as the dental industry. Dentists all over the country are battling to not only obtain new patients, but maintain those who have already started treatment in their facility. The internet continues to change the way dentists promote their services and treatments to potential patients, and dental websites are required to get more sophisticated to beat out the competitors. A tech savvy dentist with a top-notch website will survive, and to do so, these professionals often hire out web designers and SEO professionals to bring new traffic to their practice. There are three important aspects of design and marketing that dentists need to consider when building their website, including SEO (search engine optimization), link building, and on-page optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most critical components to a successful company website is search engine optimization. This is how a website ends up near the top results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This is so important because of the way potential patients search for services online. The typical patient who is searching for a dental practice in the area will often read just the first page of their search results. If your dental practice website is not listed on this first page, it can keep you from being discovered. With a website listed on the first page of results, it can convert into hundreds of potential patients who could end up visiting your practice. Many dental practices and other companies will spend a substantial amount of money to hire out the job of search engine optimization to professionals who are well-versed in getting these sites to the first page of results. It is not easy, and requires specific knowledge regarding keywords, phrases, and specialized formatting for webpages. Certain algorithms are in place—and constantly change—so it can take months for a search engine optimization plan to begin to improve rankings. It should be performed by a reputable SEO company such as Solution21 to see amazing results for your local business.

Link Building

Another aspect of search engine optimization includes link building. Link building is the number of links that direct to your dental practice website. To get your website ranked higher in search engine results, it helps to have appropriate link building performed by a professional. Relevant and beneficial links leading to your website can help it reach another level of profitability you’ve never seen before. Some links are obtained through paid linking or linked ads, while others are linked from alternative websites such as review sites or directories. All of these links can boost search engine rankings when done correctly to match the website algorithms.

On-Page Optimization

Another term you will see in the world of search engine optimization is that of on-page optimization. There are several factors in place on a website that will also impact placement of a dental practice website in search rankings. These are affected by special coding completed when the website is created, including HTML code and meta tags. The density and placement of keywords and phrases on your site in content can also impact on-page optimization. The content on the website will greatly impact search engine results, so it pays to ensure your blog posts, articles, and other content on the site is up to par with the latest algorithms. Relevant and quality posts will also increase the effectiveness of your search engine optimization marketing plan.

To be one of the best dental websites in the area, it is essential you consider the three elements above of a successful internet presence. Without search engine optimization, proper and appropriate link building, and on-page optimization considerations, your website will fall short of your competitors and result in a loss of potential client base. If you are interested in any of these services, it is also important that you work with a company that has years of experience in building successful websites for dentists, including Solution21.


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