Google Ads and analytics innovations for a mobile-first world


by Farzin Andrew Espahani
VP, Growth & Digital Marketing – Anthropologist

Google Ads and analytics innovations for a mobile-first world

Yesterdays “impulse buys” are now known as “micro-moments,” and nothing drives micro-moments like mobile shopping. 34% of online purchases in 2016 were made via a mobile device in the U.S. Why?

Mobile devices are the perfect means to get new ideas, discover prices, and click the “buy now” button, and most of the action takes place on Google, thanks to some smart changes they’ve made. With Google shopping searches up 30% over last year, retailers have asked for an easier online shopping experience, and Google has delivered.

Shopping Ads on Image Search

Consumers shopping on their phone once a week or more say that images are what they look for the most. Whether they need a new handbag or the latest New York Times bestseller, images are the focus of their hunt. They also ask questions on image search, usually “How much is this?” or “Where can I buy this?”

In response, Google introduced Shopping Ads on image search. When a search term is now entered, ads for related products appear while they browse Google images. This makes it easy to find what they want and buy it from you.

Local Inventory Ads

Local searches – those including place names or zip codes, plus terms like “near me” have increased by 50% over the prior year. Google introduced local inventory ads to provide increased exposure to consumers shopping online. This has increased foot traffic for local retailers, boosting sales in online stores and in brick and mortar locations.

Retailers can add a store pick-up link to their Google-hosted local product page so they can pick up purchased items from physical locations nearby. Kohl’s, a leading department store that participates in their store pick-up program saw a 40 – 50% increase in clicks from the Kohl’s local online page to their main Kohl’s website due to this improvement. To say retailers are thrilled with the results would be an understatement.

The Knowledge Panel

Advertisers using local inventory ads now have inventory searchable in the local Knowledge Panel, which sits to the right of the screen and displays store locations and hours, plus goods available to purchase. Consumers are shown items that are in stock, and can check to see if the item they are looking for is immediately available. This increases customer satisfaction and drives more customers into physical stores.

Delivering the Goods With Google Express

Googles overnight delivery service has been a resounding success wherever it has been introduced. So much so that they are expanding it to the southwestern U.S, including Texas and the surrounding states. This brings the total amount of people eligible for the service to over 120 million.

The mobile app for Google Express has improved business; over 50% of customers carried to a business by Google Express are new, and repeat customers are 18% of the business. These are great statistics and points to the effectiveness of Google’s efforts.

Purchases on Google

Purchases on Google, a feature of Shopping ads, lets customers easily purchase products on mobile devices through retailer-branded pages that are Google-hosted. Top advertisers, such as Ugg, Staples, and Ralph Lauren have seen strong results.

“It’s early days, but we’re seeing a nearly 50% increase in conversion rate on our mobile Shopping ads with Purchases on Google and a 25% decrease in our cost per conversion for UGG.” – John Kalinich, Senior Vice President, Global Digital Commerce at Deckers Brands.

“Micro-moments” are driving business thanks to Googles focus on mobile shopping. Taking advantage of these improvements is definitely a no-brainer, and Google would like to help.

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