Is Facebook Live a Key to Successful Online Plastic Surgery Marketing?


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Facebook Live: You either love it or hate it. This feature was rolled out last year to give people an opportunity to engage with other people in real time. That could mean friends sharing moments with friends, or what we’re focusing on in today’s post – businesses engaging with the marketplace. Nearly everyone has seen a Facebook Live video, but most people have never leveraged the feature for themselves. If you are a business – in particular, a plastic surgeon – you could be cheating yourself out of increased visibility and patient-reach if you aren’t utilizing Facebook Live in your marketing strategy.

The Allure of Facebook Live

The Facebook Live story is one that is allowed to unfold organically, meaning viewers and the broadcaster work together to create a great live experience. Anything can happen, and there is no editing, which means the viewer is more likely to be engaged in what is happening or being said. Not to mention, viewers are also more likely to stick around to see what happens instead of turning off the video and scrolling through to other content. The entire Facebook Live experience seems to put viewers at ease, allowing them to view plastic surgeons and the cosmetic procedures they perform in a more relaxed light. It might just be the stepping stone someone needs to finally schedule a consultation.

Creating a Better Facebook Live Experience

There is no special secret to creating a successful Facebook Live experience. However, there are certain steps that can improve engagement between you and your audience.

Communicate to Your Audience

Going ‘Live’ does you very little good if there is no one there to watch. If you plan to host a live session, be sure to give your audience a heads up by letting them know what time you plan to broadcast, as well as which topics you may be covering during the session. Then, once the session starts, acknowledge your audience as they begin to tune in and leave comments. You can also encourage viewers to request notifications when you go ‘Live’ again in the future.

Check Your Connection

The last thing you want during your live broadcast is to lose your connection. If your Facebook Live video shuts off, you might not fully regain the audience once you lose it. So be sure to double-check that your connection is strong before proceeding with your broadcast.

Take and Encourage Questions

Facebook Live is a place for you to share your world and for your viewers to share theirs. As a plastic surgeon, you have expertise in a field that many people have burning questions about. Use this time to answer general questions, debunk common myths, and educate your audience.

Be Creative

Plastic surgeons all over the world use Facebook Live in different ways. Creativity is a big bonus when it comes to audience engagement. What do the people viewing your video want to see? Perhaps you are broadcasting to future potential patients who would like to go on a virtual tour your waiting room and office space. Maybe you have new medical technology you wish to show off to your viewers. From explanations about cosmetic enhancements to what to expect during recovery, the possibilities are endless.

Building Your Audience

Of course, you cannot broadcast live to an audience that is not there. If you have not built an online presence that includes a social media community, you are missing a key element of Internet marketing for plastic surgeons. Here at Solution21, we can show you how professional social media and marketing management can drive traffic to your website, as well as your Facebook page.

We also help physicians create digital brands that are specifically designed for high-visibility and online engagement. We have a design team and a marketing team that work together to help you generate more leads for your practice. We have served thousands of doctors and we look forward to the opportunity to serve your practice, too. Whether you need some help managing your social media or you need to start from scratch with a brand new custom plastic surgery website, give us a call to schedule your consultation today.

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