Dental Trends

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Dental Trends

Dental Patients Have Become More Focused on Having a Perfect Smile

Both established dental practices and dentists who have just gained the credentials to practice should be aware of the latest developments and trends in their field. People are becoming more focused on having perfectly aligned, brilliantly white teeth, and seek out the most effective, least invasive treatments to achieve their cosmetic goals.

New Technology Means Higher Profits

While certain procedures will always be important, some of the latest advances in dental technology are of high interest to potential patients. It is critical that your dental practice offers the latest and greatest in technology to attract more new patients in the door.

  • Metal Free Restorations
  • CAD/CAM technology
  • Minimally Invasive Dental Treatments
  • Digital Imaging

Metal Based Restorations are Over.

While the standard was once metal-based restorations, the current patient typically requests ceramic fillings. Many patients are concerned about the health risks associated with metal fillings and come to a dental practice to remove and replace older restorations.


CAD/CAM technology makes it possible to restore a tooth in less time, and dental practices with these systems have seen a surge in new patients. For busy patients who don’t want to spend time waiting for a lab to produce a restoration, this technology makes it all possible. Dental practices with this technology produce better designed, better fitting restorations, including prostheses, crowns, onlays, inlays, bridges, and implants.

Minimally Invasive Dental Treatments

The trend toward more conservative treatments continues to grow. Procedures that remove less of the natural tooth structure have proven to be better for the patient. The restorations are sturdier and longer-lasting — with better outcomes. Dentists who practice the least invasive, most conservative treatments for either restorations or cosmetic enhancements are not only helping the patient, but these procedures may be easier to perform.

Digital Imaging

Dental practices that offer digital X-rays are now the standard, and only a rare practice continues to use the older, film-based systems. Patients have concerns about exposure to toxic substances, including radiation. It is a given that a practice must offer patients digital X-rays or non-X-ray options for patients with young children who have concerns about exposure to radiation.

Cosmetic Dentistry
More Popular Than Ever

Many patients are obsessed with having perfect teeth, and veneers continue to be an attraction. Offering your patients less expensive options such as instant veneers, as well as more permanent restorations all serves to create interest in locals searching for a dentist they can trust.

Make it Easy for Your Patients to Get Treatment

Dentists who offer several financing options have a better chance of having a treatment plan approved. Ensure your administrative staff are friendly, helpful, and ready to get to work to help a patient get the financing they need.

Comfort Matters.

Even with modern dentistry techniques, many patients are nervous about dental care. The concept of pain-free dentistry is appealing and can be achieved through various methods, including sleep dentistry. If you focus on providing the best patient experience, including offering amenities such as headphones, screens, movies, music, more comfortable chairs, and a more spa-like atmosphere, your patients will appreciate your efforts. Staff training on how to correctly deal with all types of patients is more important than ever, as one cranky or unfriendly member of your team can create long term damage. Ensure you have an instant patient feedback system so problems can be identified before they get worse. You can’t be everywhere at once, and access to patient feedback allows you to find out what your staff is up to when you are not watching – and address it correctly before you have a negative review posted online that will require special handling to remove.

Make Your Practice Visible Online

For your dental practice to continue to attract new patients, it is imperative that you have a powerful online presence and that your practice has many positive reviews. Millennials will rarely go to a dentist who doesn’t have at least 4 stars and many good reviews, and choosing a dentist with 5 stars is the norm. Managing every aspect of your online presence is more important than ever, including patient reviews, fast-loading pages, a before and after gallery, and informative, accurate information about the procedures you offer. Your website is the first impression you present – make it count. Get help from our team at Solution21, where we cover all the bases in online marketing, managing review sites, and creating dental websites with a range of features that streamline and simplify your practice while meeting all legal regulations.

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